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If you had to pick one song to listen to on repeat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Up Dharma Down’s “Oo” or Bach’s Cello Suite No.1.



Name your top ten favorite films (no more, no less, no ties)

I couldn’t decide. I’ve been contemplating for so long and would end up never posting this. So I simply cheated remedied the situation. 

Fight Club

Howl’s Moving Castle

Spirited Away

Memoirs of a Geisha

Easy A

The Princess Bride 

V for Vendetta

Black Swan


Camelot (the 1967 musical with Richard Harris)


Shutter (2004 Thai horror movie)

The Producers

Moulin Rouge


(random order)



If you could hang out with any Hitrecorder for the day, who would it be? 

I’m fairly new and I'm bad at small talk and meeting people, rather the idea scares me. There's a bunch of people I'd like to have in the same room while I sit back, lurk and listen to or observe them. AnneMarije, saintmaker, bloemday, GabyVaughan, Vedder, sinnamin, Emma Conner and todd 68976. 



What is your current favorite Hitrecord Record (not your own) : 

A lot of great stuff here and it’d take forever for me to decide on just ONE record so yeah.



Name at least one physical attribute that sets you apart from others (I want people to do this because it's important to feel unique and appreciate yourself, no matter how cheesy this sounds!) : 

Thirteen moles all over, last time I counted. (I may be a map to some place or some thing.) Small almost invisible eyes, especially when I smile. Piano-key teeth – because gap teeth sound boring.



If you had to live the life of a villain for the day, who would you choose?

Tyler Durden (or my version of an alter-ego borne from insomnia and if you haven’t seen Fight Club yet, sorry for the SPOILER).

Or The Joker – I wonder what it’d be like to have “super-sanity” for a day.

Or the Patrician of Ankh-Morpork – but then Vetinari isn’t exactly a villain. Sure, he legalized crime but it works for the twin cities. He just doesn’t fit squarely into the box of bad guy. Oh well.



If you could have a drink with anyone in the world, who would it be?

Anyone in the world – preferably a total stranger or a semi-stranger. Most definitely not my grandmother or my aunts on that side of the family, though.



Would you rather live in our world, Middle Earth, Alice's Wonderland, or some other crazy world? 

This world is crazy enough and yet I’d rather live here. A visit to the world in my head wouldn't be so bad, either. I'd also like to tour a hell of a good universe. The one next door. ;)



Aliens or Predators? (if you're unfamiliar with this you can skip it.) 




What's the earliest, most vivid memory you have?

I’m being carried by a woman – my mother or the maid, perhaps – and she’s hanging up laundry or taking them down. And I’m tugging unto the cloth, maybe simply grasping it. There are white sheets on clotheslines. Sunlight. Green grass. I can’t tell whether it’s memory or my imagination supplying the details, though.



What's your favorite number and why?

None. Had a crush on 19 for a while, and thought 4 was a significant number way back.



Do you have any superstitions or idiosyncrasies?

The lucky muffin. 

I made up my own superstition back in college. Whenever I saw a muffin in the Dunkin Donut stall, that day would be a great one or at least, a good one. It was a nice way of making me think of the silver linings.

No superstitions now. Idiosyncrasies? Chewing ice. I also find going through the steps of my daily ablutions relaxing. The routine's a comforting tick-tock that tells me time hasn't stopped.


If you've seen Inception, do you think he's awake in the end, or not? (This question is more for the sake of debate than anything. I already have my own conclusion, and Christopher Nolan wanted people to wonder and have their own opinion.)

I choose to believe he woke up, despite the little details that may point otherwise. My kill-joy self keeps arguing against my belief but screw him/her/it. Cut the guy some slack. He’s awake, goddammit.



What's the most appealing scent to you? 

A combination of lavender, sandalwood, geranium, and hay. Yes, the smell of Heno de Pravia soap. Newly laundered clothes and bed sheets/blankets.

(I also find newly cut grass, instant coffee, a hint of sweat and sun, and a wisp of cigarette smoke comforting. Smells like my dad, and reminds me of feeling safe.

Baby powder, still that hint of sweat, medicine, days old biscuits and Safeguard soap. That smells a bit like sadness and time standing still, reminds me of my mother.)


Your favorite book is_____?

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. And Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.



What animal would you be if you had to be one? 

A fanciful unicorn. Failing that, a dog. A Siberian husky with mismatching eyes.


Who has made the biggest impression on your life?

My parents. My father is the obvious stamp mark and my mother, the subtle imprint of fingers.



You're about to die and you have one wish. Your wish cannot be to save your life and it will affect everyone you leave behind. What's your wish? 

To realize what I want the most in the world – whether an object, a past time, anything – and die right before the happiness of this sudden clarity dips into dashing depression and regret and fear. But this is selfish and won’t really affect the big picture so… 


To get the chance to say some awesome, amazing, crazy, inspiring, possibly life-changing  one-liner to someone or some group of people before I die and be remembered (even go down in history?) for that, at least. :)



What is the strangest thing that has ever happened to you? 

I tend to nullify strange. 

If you think talking to complete strangers is strange, then there’s that. I’ve had three-four decent conversations with strangers - nothing great. I never met or heard of these people again and we didn’t exchange names.

Created: Feb 21, 2012


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