Cat with 13 eyes. 1.

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One day, a young cat by the name of Bill decided to go for a walk. He had enjoyed his nap under the sofa, and his morning snooze in the top of the cupboard, and after a snack of something cold from a tin, Bill snuck out of the house.

Now, Bill was no ordinary kitten. Most kittens have just two eyes, same as you and me, but Bill had more than that. Bill had thirteen eyes on his face, arranged neatly around his forehead so that from a distance you might think them shiny eyebrows. Just like our two eyes allow us to see three dimensions, each extra one of Bill's eyes added another dimension to the world that he enjoyed. His third eye allowed him to see time. He could tell you exactly what had happened in a place throughout all of history, and what would happen in the future to that patch of land, that is, if cats could talk.

Bill walked along the road towards the town. It was a busy town, so it was odd that today there were no cars getting in his way. He sauntered past lampposts and letterboxes, and made his way toward the tallest tree that lined the street, so that he could have a look around and try to figure out where all the people had gone, not that he minded, of course.

The street was not completely deserted. There were a couple of uniformed people marking out an area with tape. In the distance, a loud and brightly lit vehicle sped away. The uniforms were looking for clues that might lead them to the one that caused this crime. Bill knew though. He could see plain as day that half an hour ago, a scruffy looking human had hurt another unkempt soul in the street, and then run off to the nearest shelter.

Bill might have been concerned for the wellbeing of the people in the shop that had sheltered the criminal, but this shop was the one that Bill’s humans went to when it was raining and they couldn’t be bothered to walk to the place with the nice cat food. Bill didn’t care much for the owner of that establishment. So, with a purr, Bill leapt down, branch by branch and snuck back along the street and into his house, and curled up onto his warm human’s lap, just as she was about to reach for her mug of tea.

Created: Feb 21, 2012


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