Bad First Date

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“Oh, good! She brought our drinks…by the way, like, I’m really not insulted that the guy back there called me a cunt. I don’t expect you to, like, fight him or whatever. ‘Cunt’ doesn’t offend me.”

“Oh, um, great. Look, I’m really not comfortable with that word...”

“I mean, really, ‘cunt’ is just a name men throw around when they feel threatened by strong women.”

“…especially on, y’know, a first date kinda situation?”

“I mean, ‘cunt.’ Really, all it means is a strong woman who will go after what she wants, and won’t take shit from anybody. Hell, I’ll be a cunt any day.”

“Um, can you lower your voice a little bit? People are starting to…”

“I mean, if he called me a pussy, then I’d be insulted!”

Created: Feb 20, 2012


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