People like us.

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People like us have no idea what we're doing. We want more of nothing in particular, but will go anywhere to get it.

People like us want more people like us. That is why we prefer live music, long embraces, and are fascinated with the idea of falling in love.

That is why we paint, write, sing, act. We are people of endless desires. We are purveyors of all things beautiful and interesting. 

People like us get lost in moments. 

People like us make moments. We make them ours and everyone's.

People like us are true. We are lost and lonely, we are tragic and desolate, but people like us cannot stop.

We are consumed and inspired. 

People like us will never stop wanting more. While the "what" may change, people like us never will.

Created: Feb 20, 2012


Jaquelinemade Document Media