The Second Perfected Universe

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Gender, sexuality, race and religion mean nothing to us. Every creature of our Earth is equal, we all have language and we all have a soul. There is no word for conflict in our language because we have never needed one. We have health, and disease is a thing of the underdeveloped past. We tend the Earth and in return she tends us, we have plenty of food and population has never been a problem. We never had a recession because we do not have currency. Our kind trade the things we make for the things we need and everybody has something to trade. We have no leaders. Everybody leads themselves. Everybody has a job and a purpose. All our purposes unite and our world is perfect.

But you, you have so much more. You feel joy, sadness, hope and love. You make art and you have dreams. If something is wrong in your world you take a stand and you try to make it right.

We envy you, we always have and we always will.

We may have Utopia but you have all the fun.

Created: Feb 20, 2012

Tags: robot, perfect world, ideal, perfect, utopia, dark

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