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Darkness is an absence of light. Happiness is an absence of sadness.

We think we know happiness. We know we know sadness.

There's good art and there's art you haven't observed long enough. Bad art isn't art.

Words are what you make of them. There are days when the word 'broom' can mean so much.

A girl saying impress me is the equivalent of a martial arts teacher saying hit me.

Say what you think or think what you say.

I don't want what I need, I need what I want.

There are days when deciding what to wear is simply too much.

Win without being hated, lose without being pitied and do neither without caring.

Don't tell me you're happy if you can't handle silence.

Inventing oneself is a poor substitute to discovering it.

We either do stuff or wonder why we do stuff. That's all there is. And boy, is it fun!

If being original takes an effort that's because you're not.

Tough choices usually mean that any choice is the right choice.

We will stop dying once we stop seeking peace.

It is when life is most similar to death that we truly live.

The suicidal feeling of not wanting to be someone you know you have to be for a person who you really want to get you, to get you.

Spontaneity is great, when carefully planned.

Inspiration is what people settle for, after being unable to deduce what it is that drives their actions.

I have the utmost trust in people. I trust them to overpopulate this world, to rid it of all natural resources, and to make life as worthless as it is conceivable. And they will honor that trust, without fail.

Perhaps the most difficult skill involved in the art of speech is knowing when to shut the hell up.

Rare are the people I feel comfortable enough with to be an asshole to.

A truly open mind is genderless, regardless of the body hosting it.

A dying person in the know is infinitely wiser than those dispossessed of such knowledge.

Learn from others too much and you will forget how to learn for yourself.

The best way to win an argument is to know why you're wrong in advance.

What I am is the end product of what I was. The only choices that affect that are those that have already been made. Thus, we never really decide things. Our past does.

Not everyone who doesn't like you is a bad person.

The only thing that makes us different is circumstance.

Our body is a collection of potential horrors that we desperately try to turn into happy endings.

Be careful not to reveal what you hide by the very act of hiding.

Happiness and sadness occupy the same space. You can't invite one without inviting the other. The trick is in recognizing the knock.

Created: Feb 20, 2012


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