no damn show

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Dear Monica: Your record made me so pissed at that guy, I decided to give him an added piece of my mind :)

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I paused and halted and waited some more
kept a brave smile, watched at the door--

limbed and gazed and perched abandoned
for reasons that I had not fathomed--

teetotalled and nipped and slurped more wine
tried like an owl not to check on the time--

feigned and bade and prayed you’d come
but you never did. I felt dumb--

bruised and scraped and ached with a pain
that bounced between my heart and brain--

crawled and slogged and strode far away
hoping to completely forget this day--

keened and sobbed and wailed a lot
saltwater enough for a saltwater yacht.

Created: Mar 28, 2010


Jules Alder Document Media