Lust Letter

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Dear Sir,

I am your weakness.

I was pleased to meet your acquaintance and revel in the glory of your inability to resist me. I am your temptress. The mistress that lures you from your wife's bed at night. I'm the one who keeps you awake. I'm the one who fills your veins and burrows into your bloodstream. I am your addiction.

What are you without me? I am always on your mind. Fight me, defy me, try childlike to hide from me. I dare you. Mmm, the sweet taste of femme fatale.

Sneak off to our lair with lies on your tongue. You mean to dissuade those you love the most, but they know who you're going to see, they've seen the bowels of your vulnerability. A sight they'll not soon forget. Oooo, but I... I take your breath away.

One child despises me, I laugh in her face. Oooooh she HATES me and it puts speed in my chase! Your other, her brother, he fell for me too. Like a sailor to the siren across the big blue. Easy as pie, dirty darling angel fly. Die.

I've got you trapped. I've got you under my spell. I am your cage and you are my rat. You run on my wheel and piss on yourself, I find it truly sensational.

You've tried to draw the line, oh how you've tried. So adorable. But it didn't make me happy. And I need to be happy. That line you've drawn was scrawled on shifting sand, foolish man. "If anyone can give you joy and help you cope, I can." I'd coo.

You give in every time as I flash my devilish grin and top it off with a wink. Seduction is my single most profitable habit. I can't help it, I'm just so exceptional.

Oh please, would you be a peach and shut your women up? They slander me and weep for you so vehemently, it's pathetic. You love me. It me was me all along. And they cast their curses upon me because of it.

Their intelligence is not welcome here. They see through my smoke. And mirrors. But they'll never have you.

For I am your murderer.

I wrap you around my finger and kill you gleefully.

No. It's too late now. You're rejecting me at last, but I have you. Yes, I could sense you were attempting to sever the tie... and after all the time we've spent together. As you can imagine, the pain was too much to bear... I had loved you so. I have therefore resolved to leave you with a gift in parting. Non-returnable, incurable.

A little something to remember me by.

And in the process I suppose I've taken pieces of you. I earnestly hope you find merriment in trying to fill in all the little physical, mental, and emotional holes in your life which I've left in my wake. There's nothing on this earth like a jilted lover. I am so glad you had to learn the hard way.

What's more, your son is all mine. My victory is boundless. Sweet and dark and tempting and vicious. Oh, and don't forget dearest slave: tell your wife and daughter I say "fuck you." They never did learn how to keep their uppety noses out of other peoples' business. As if whining could keep my delicious disease at bay. My palatable, permanent disease. Thank you for lusting me.

Love and strawberry tar kisses forever and ever,
Ms. Cigarette VonTobaccosmoke

Created: Mar 28, 2010


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