GabyV's RE RECS for sunday, Feb 19

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My RE REC for this week:

First, I want to say again HAPPY BIRTHDAY to José aka RegularJOE, I hope you had a wonderful day and that all your dreams come true! HAPPY 31 BDAY!

Said that, here you have my recommendations for this Sunday, February 19:

  1. Adventure Awaits for you by naivecrimson: I love this record, I was ready to start my RE REC video for this week when I saw this beautiful record made by naivecrimson and I had to add this to my Re recs, great job!!!

  2. Go fuck yourself Biker jacket by LydiaSaskia: The Bad Advice collab have a lot of fantastic contributions, and this is one of my favorite, this is very creative and it’s just perfect for remixes.

  3. Half Empty by TotallyJamie: Another great contribution for the Bad Advice Collab, this time the fantastic TotallyJamie made this wonderful and simple record of the bad advice: half empty made by ohwanderlust and the result is just great!!!

  4. Birdz by CameronSmith: I love this video made by Cam, I think that he capture a great moment here, it’s seems like the birds are dancing in the sky, awesome!!!

  5. Harvesting jelly babies (remix) by elayne: one of my favorite collaborations so far is The jelly babies, I am trying to contribute with this as much as I can because I love the concept, this record made by elayne is a great example of the direction that this collaboration needs, I just love it!!!

  6. Harvesting Jelly Babies Remix by belcath1981: This is another great contribution for the Jelly babies made by belcath, she did a great remix and the result is fantastic!!

  7. He who laughs last… (Bad advice) by Fractaldust: Dusty as always, made this perfect and simple illustration for another Bad advice made by Metaphorest, great job dustyyy!

  8. Making of by Marielv: I don’t have the appropriate words to say how much I love this video, I think that this is one of my favorite records that I’ve ever seen at HR, I am a huge fan of marielv’s work and with this one she just made my jaw dropped, this is beautiful and beyond words! Love it Mari!

  9. Hearts – Remix Style! By brujasur: I love this remix made by brujasur, I love the colors and the illustrations that she chose, great job!

  10. I Scream jelly babies by sojushots: perfect, I love the whole illustration, the expression on the faces of the jelly babies is priceless, great work as always sojushots, and I love your style!!!

  11. Jelly Baby Fury by SRL73:  I love this little guy, it could be very useful for a remix or something that can be related to the revenge of the jelly babies, and it’s also perfect for RE RECS videos and some kind of Hitrecord logo animation!

  12. Kitten of Thirteen Eyes by stabbyTuna: I love kittens even when they have thirteen eyes, this is a great drawing made by stabbyTuna, maybe somebody can make a Tiny Story or a animation for this!!!

  13. Once Upon a balloon (Tiny Film Animation) by Angie br: This is a beautiful tiny film animation made by Angie br, it’s just lovely and very well done, and it could be useful for a lot of things.

  14. Lost at Sea by swaylooza: I love sway’s drawings and this one is not the exception, I think that, even when she added some words in the drawing: "Let's get lost at sea", this is screaming for a Tiny story or something like that, someone???

  15. Reading is sexy by HelloCat: I love this one is one of my favorites, I love this illustration made by HelloCat about a Bad advice made by Meelie, I love the concept of the illustration and the colors, great job!

  16. Revenge by Proi: Another great example of simplicity and perfection, great way to turn a text into an illustration, this bad advice collab is the responsible of a lot of fantastic contributions like this one!

  17. Worth it by meaganmoore: This is one of the sweetest illustrations I’ve ever seen, this needs some colors or a tiny film animation!!! Love it!

I used for my video the following Records:

Music Recommendations: This is my music RECS for this week and also I used these for my weekly video: For my Secret valentine: Reverie by Pamagotchi and Unhappy Valentine’s Day by Ryan Patrick: I highly recommend both songs, they are great!!!! I love how Ryan made a song about the unhappy side of the celebration of V Day, very funny and I really enjoyed this gift for Secret Valentine’s collab that Pammy made for Reverie, it’s just beautiful.

Have a Fantastic week everyone!!!!

Created: Feb 19, 2012


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