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*Movies, that’s simple. I like anything with movement. They’ve always been a sort of vice for me ever since I was little. Like I said in my introduction, while most kids were outside playing, I was inside watching The Stand. I can find something I like in any movie, but if I had to break it down to a top 5, I’d say:

Well shit, I tried and I can’t do it, my lists are never set in stone. So I’ll put it this way, right now, if these movies were on HBO, I’d stop watching Family Guy for them. And I love me some Family Guy.

Anything by Quentin Tarantino, with Reservoir Dogs being my favorite due to Tim Roth being the definition of awesome. Something about the rawness, the mistakes and amateur way it’s made turns me on to it. It’s got that new car smell, and I dig it a lot. Makes me LOVESPLODE. Well it would if I had the right equipment. Especially the scene with The Commode Story.

*I know a lot of people who don’t like Tarantino, but I just think his dialogue is amazing. That’s such a cliché reason to like him, I hear, but I don’t care, it’s true to me, whether it’s over said or not. I love listening in and feeling like the scene could really take place the way it does. Also, who else has the madness capacity to come up with somebody murdering people with a stunt car? He’s great! So, director and productions wise, he’s my favorite.

Fight Club is one of my all-time favorite movies. I love how everything has to do with everything else. The movie connects so well, and if you’re like my mother and say: “all it is, is about fighting” then I have to be annoying like my brother and say: “You just don’t get it.” The quotes, the bitterness, the insanity, the sense making, fighting, time…all issues I’m interested in. ;]

Jaws. Richard Dreyfuss. Enough said.

Shawshank Redemption. I was reading Stephen King novels in the 6th grade, so when I saw this movie after having read “Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption,” movie making started making some sense. How something could come off the page and become visual. I love the quotes in this movie, and I love Red, and I love that the movie is as good as its trailer; which is something that hasn’t been true to me with recent movies. Haha.

I also really love Moulin Rouge, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, Brick, My Sassy Girl [Korean version only], The Lookout (I HAVE THE MONEY, I HAVE THE POWER) plus I heard Jeff Daniels lives in Michigan, not that I’m generally hype about my state, but, 10 pts. To Jeff Daniels.
I also really like The Boondock Saints, American History X, Little Monsters, Drop Dead Fred, Slumdog Millionaire and Office Space. =]

*I go through actors in spurts, and my mini actor obsessions usually happen for random reasons. For example, I have like 3 DVD’s starring Giovanni Ribisi because I think his voice is amazing. Same thing with Casey Affleck. Just listen to the trailer for The Assassination of Jesse James, spare yourself and don’t watch the movie, but listen to how good Casey Afflecks voice is. Ugh, so good. He’s another one who could narrate my life and I’d be cool with it.
I have a thing for voices.

Tim Roth is my main man, though. Something about him is just great to me, and I’d really be honored if I got to shake his hand some day. I like all of the movies he's in simply because his acting is so...natural. Like he plays each part as if he was that person, and I know that's the point, but man does he nail it.
Same with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I'd love to shake his hand, but that goes without saying. And i'm not just saying that to brown nose, I found this site because he intrigued me so much that I looked him up, like i'm sure with most of you. Which just goes to show that he must be rockin'.

Both of them are at the top of my lists for different reasons, and I think it’s funny because they’re both so different acting wise. They both can act any role, they both have good voices, and they’ve both been in some damn good movies, but I think they’re exact opposites. But, that's probably why I like them, it's nice to be level.

Edward Norton, Steve Buscemi, I like Sam Rockwell, Brad Pitt, Rachel McAdams, Zooey DeSchanel…

The list goes on.
And damn do I talk a lot. If you got through that, you deserve a cuddle.

Movies, Actors, Director

Created: Mar 28, 2010


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