Liberal Nose-Diving.

By clabwag

I’m liberal nose-diving;
Plummeting on-the-loose;
Crashing at large.
Free falling.

Without constraints -
Chains and bindings -
I’m nothing;
Just acting.

Like at birth,
Or when at centre stage,
I’m stripped.

The curtains drawn,
Backdrops slip,
Into the blue abyss,
Signaling sun’s rise.

But in the rush,
The gold runs like stagehands,
‘Til all we wish,
Is for wings.

So like owls,
Or nightingales turned on heads,
The wind frees,
Feathers from skin.

Less board treading,
More flow-of-blood stemming,
It becomes as clear,
As eyes facing free fall.


I saw the picture by Hum4CHAOS, and just sat and typed. Call it free-verse, crap or nothing, I don't think it makes sense, but in a round-about way I quite like it. I didn't notice the dramatic theme which ran through until I was through the 4th stanza, so I ran with it. Probably my guilt at falling behind in my drama work...
Some of my word choices don't make sense in the literal sense, so anything which isn't clear is probably some strange wordplay even I won't understand in a few days.

Liberal Nose-Diving.

Created: Mar 28, 2010

Tags: nude, poetry, free, poem, acting, freefalling, freefall, free fall, clabwag, naked, dramatic, drama, free falling

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