Reflective Spiders.

By clabwag

Just outside the front of my house this spider has taken up residence, and built quite the web for himself, prompting a ghetto of sorts, with new spiders popping up every day bringing with them more webs, of course.
I decided I'd try get some different angles of the spider by opening the window it's right next to. In this photo two spiders are shown, the nearer of the two I didn't notice until after I took this, which prompted me to freak out and close the window I was leaning out of at a furious pace.
I'm no arachnophobic, but I'm also no fan of our eight-legged friends. The light and angle came out interesting, so I thought I'd RECord it. Maybe someone will find somewhere to go from here...

Reflective Spiders.

Created: Mar 28, 2010

Tags: reflection, arachnids, window, web, spiders, clabwag, reflective

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