Favorite Tv Show(s)&Characters.

By BolognaxTM

I love Tv. My friend and I counted how many shows i watch, I watch Thirteen. What is your favorite show or shows? Do you have a favorite Tv Character that you wish was real. Admit it you can be in love with a fictional character. You have to list why. I just generally listed my favorite shows but i'll detail the character part. Detail why you like the person or show.
Gossip GIrl
One Tree Hill
The Buried Life
My Life as Liz
The Office
Criminal Minds
One Life to Live
General Hospital
The Vampire Diaries
The Secret Life of the American Teenager
10 things I hate about you

Now for my favorite tv show characters;

Jim Halpert(John Krasinski) his facial expressions, how sweet he is to pam, how funny he is and the pranks he plays on dwight.

Dr. Spencer Reid(Matthew Gray Gubler)
He is a genius, IQ : 187, he reads fast, he is smart, he is not street smart really he is confused by the term "BFF" or doesn't know the cullen family from Twilight. He does magic tricks. He is afraid of the dark. Its the absentce of light. He is socially akward, damn i wish he was real.

Thank you!

Favorite Tv Show(s)&Characters.

Created: Mar 28, 2010


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