Every single year

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Every single year

So between March and May

A silly and funny feeling

Starts a game in me


It is dancing in my tummy

It is singing in my heart

It makes my cheeks go blushing

It makes my temper soft


Cause every single year

So between March and May

When the beach bars open

And the Baywatch takes their place

A guy from North England

Moves to here to watch the waves


His name have I forgotten

To speak the truth, I never knew

But maybe this year I’ll be lucky

Maybe this year I’ll be brave


Then my heart will walk me to him

And my heart will ask and say

“Hi there, strange nice fellow

What’s your name please?

What’s your name?”


(If my English is not 100% correct (I am from the Netherlands, so English is not my original language), I would appreciate it if someone would let me know so I can write the poem again without any mistakes. Thanks.)

Created: Feb 17, 2012


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