For Love

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A fact, that caresses like silk. 

I see what lay in destiny's sweet arms.

Death for a loved one, in exchange for a dream. 

Never ending, never true. 

Existing ceases like a candle blown out in the wind.


Gone by and by.

Taking a step forward for reasons unkown.

I gladly accept the hand of the hooded man, a friend I've never met.

If a life is spared because of my walk with fate.


Love and hate disipate with a passionate wind.

A moment before I let go my hold of the world.

Coursing through me, adrenaline and fear.

It makes my heart a stone,

A emerald of courage,

A talisman to the dark void beyond.


For Love, I will sacrifice,

In the ultimate way.  

Created: Feb 17, 2012


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