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yes, it strains her back. yes, her bucket really isn't big enough to quench the thirst of her beloved pony.. but the fact of the matter is that there is a goat. yes, a goat. a handome fellow with proper horns and all. she goes up there every day to fellate the goat. and of course her bosom friend had but to say "how perfectly bestial!!" before climbing up the mountain and bending down before the goat. the goat has a wife and children, for it is as much his betrayal of all he's promised to as it is to his young lover, who betrays her munchkins back home. her friend, however want nothing more than the goat to call her the fairest of them all. but he had nothing to say other than "none is beautiful on hers knees but my dear cara mia." but it was too late. the friend had dirt of her knees.

Created: Feb 17, 2012


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