getting personal with killowen

By killowen

If you had to pick one song to listen to on repeat for the rest of your life, what would it be? Niave melody (this must be the place) by talking heads

Name your top ten favorite films (no more, no less, no ties): Ultimate top film has to be ‘Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind’ and the rest follow in no particular order Labyrinth, Nightmare before Christmas, Flight of the Navigator, Edward Scissorhands, The Breakfast Club, Back to the Future, Secretary, The Shinning and Coraline..i sound like an emo kid jst from re-reading those answers!

If you could hang out with any Hitrecorder for the day, who would it be? Mattconley or belcath1981! Think I could learn a lot from both of these hitrecorders! Or Marke (would love to do work experience at ‘themadeshop’)

What is your current favorite Hitrecord Record (not your own) : Sojushots- portrait = his work is gorgeous!

Name at least one physical attribute that sets you apart from others (I want people to do this because it's important to feel unique and appreciate yourself, no matter how cheesy this sounds!) : Eyes this is what I’m told…but my son has them too and that makes me appreciate mine hehe x

If you could have a drink with anyone in the world, who would it be? Coco Sumner

Would you rather live in our world, Middle Earth, Alice's Wonderland, or some other crazy world? Alice in wonderland! Just to hang out with the Cheshire cat x

Aliens or Predators? (if you're unfamiliar with this you can skip it.) Aliens

What's the earliest, most vivid memory you have? A flight from America to was a night time flight and I accidentally drew on the flip down tray thing..I was about 4..

What's your favorite number and why? 3 Do you have any superstitions or idiosyncrasies? If I sneeze I clap and if I see a lonely magpie I salute it..once I put a new pair of shoes on a table the night before an interview…I didn’t get the job but I’m not too superstitious..i think??

If you've seen Inception, do you think he's awake in the end, or not? (This question is more for the sake of debate than anything. I already have my own conclusion, and Christopher Nolan wanted people to wonder and have their own opinion.) I’ve watched this film like 3 times and I still don’t know..i’d like to think he got to the states but in my heart I think it’s all in his head.

What's the most appealing scent to you? God it has to be air conditioning!...u can really smell it in blockbuster..its intoxicating.

Your favorite book is_____? Probably ‘not now bernard’ by david mckee..or ‘green eggs and ham’’s a kids book hope that counts.? Recently read ‘we need to talk about kevin’ that easily trumped ‘twilight’

What animal would you be if you had to be one? A wolf!

Who has made the biggest impression on your life? My son Riley..i was 22 when I had him, in the space if 3 years he's completely changed my world for the better...he made me who I am today

You're about to die and you have one wish. Your wish cannot be to save your life and it will affect everyone you leave behind. What's your wish? security

What is the strangest thing that has ever happened to you? I heard a footsteps behind me once and felt someone pull my record bag off my shoulder…turned around no one was there??

getting personal with killowen

Created: Feb 15, 2012

Tags: belcath1981, marke, sojushots

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