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So, I've never really touched my actual eye ball before, until today. I ordered contacts at my eye doctor like a week ago, because people always told me I looked better without glasses. So today I get there and the woman tries to teach me how to put it in my eye, despite the fact that she was speaking in Spanish and I only know English, she was doing it really quick. So I finally got my right eye on, and then she made me take it off. I poked my eye at least twenty times I am not even joking, and I was so scared that the contact was going to somehow slip under my eye and go into my brain so I was scared. Then I finally got it off, and then she made me put it on again, and then I had to go home with them on because my eyes had to adjust to them or whatever. Well, four hours later, (about twenty minutes ago) I was sitting on my bathroom sink starring at my eyes in the mirror trying to do this and I kept on blinking when I tried to get the lense out, and then my eye got really irritated so it started to sting and then I put my eye drops in them and it stung even more and at this point their bloodshot and my contacts were STILL not out, so THEN I got angry at my contacts and I pinched them over and over until they came out. I felt so relieved like i just got a 9 month baby out of me. Yeah. Oh, i also got new glasses too, they're much easier than contacts. 

Created: Feb 15, 2012


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