why do we hitRECord?

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when reading through the responses to the “who are you?” collab, i was particularly struck by the replies to the “how and why did you start RECording?” question.  i thought it could be kinda cool to edit them all together - its a bit amazing to see the effect hitRECord has had across such a wide range of people.

i will confess that i only used the text RECords so i could cut-and-paste…and i tried to go through almost all of them…(and as i initially REsourced the collab, i went back to REsource each RECord...but i couldn't find catness, doverpeak, eulange, isaness, megancarnes, mlo0987, mrbosslady and sarahbastien1 - i apologize in advance!).

i'm posting it partially as an early birthday present for joe, but also as a valentine's day present to everyone on hitRECord –  as it is all of you who bring to life the awesomeness of the idea that became hitRECord!

so, happy valentines day everyone!

and to the man who, as mlo0987 said “…changed the world, never had to pick up a gun.” – happy birthday!!





“How and why did you start RECording?”




I hit the big red button. Why? No idea I just did because I loved this place. – creative green 13


Not sure how i came across the website, but I loved the concept and some of the work is proper professional standard. I wanted in ;D – chigwinkle


Personally, HitRecord helped me find what I loved about being creative in the first place, it’s about people creating stuff for themselves & each other, not for money but for the love of doing it. In honesty it has had a really positive influence on my work and life ever since…so thank you to all of you - 12.42


I needed motivation for art-making, too, and even though I have no one specifically rooting me on from the site, it's a good reminder of how important art-making is to me; it is helping me reconnect with that essential part of my identity.  – bbbelmont


It's always tough to put yourself out there, whether it's on a page, in a photo, or on a screen. But if you're not truly putting yourself into your art, I don't think you're really RECording. These past few years I truly feel I am RECording. I came to hitRECord thinking I had been all along, and I really wasn't. But now I know I really am. – mattconley


Joe tweeted a link to "The Virtues of Hitting RECord", which changed my life (= my seeglobes see the world much clearer again & to have paint everywhere is just looove) and i'm grateful for it. :) – buttercup


So, I find the site and think that it looks pretty interesting. I decide to sign up with only the intention of recommending things and commenting. Well. Things clearly did not go as I had planned and I got sucked in. –aeb


I started RECording at the end of August when I heard about the site in one of Joe's interviews. I checked it out and LOVED what I saw. I knew immediately that I had to be a part of this community and contribute to it, even if I didn't have much to share. And so, I posted my first RECord (A Mathematician's Approach to Love: http://hitrecord.org/records/185877 which is also the RECord I'm most proud of) and was instantly addicted to the idea of combining Math with Art. I'm probably just a HitRECord.org nuisance at this point for posting so many math-related things (sorry!) but I do hope you find them at least a little bit interesting… Love you all, it is an honor to be in the presence of such wonderful and talented people. - fractaldust

I actually heard about this from Rian Johnson's appearance on "the /Filmcast", a fantastic film-related podcast I listen to. I had been writing music and putting up on myspace and thinking this is what it shall be for the rest of my life. But I came on, put up three or four songs, and received instant feedback and encouragement. Ever since then, I've been hooked. I wish I could do more and collaborate more: it's a big regret of mine when it comes to this site. I don't know what I could add to so many people's wonderful records. I do get scared of being irrelevant in the flood of wonderful artists in here, but I have come to the conclusion that assuming I was ever relevant in anything, let alone a community of artists, was not flattering, and that concept always humbles me a bit. - tonguecutsparrow

About a year and a half ago, I started this online Dallas community of filmmakers. We were to collaborate and junk.

I was on set one day talking about how much I dig Brick and Joe. One of the actresses mentioned that he had a site that does the same thing we were doing. But on a much larger scale.

Google. Wikipedia. Voila. – cameronsmith


I started way back when this was more forum-y. I wanted to grow out of Neopets. And wow did hitrecord make me grow up - catness


…all my life I sought a place just like this where I could contribute my art to others' works and make something amazing. We are blessed to have this amazing site. Thank you Joe.  – Vedder


I was home sick one day and I stumbled upon it and nary a day goes by now that I don’t look at it. I started to put some pictures online and the fact that they were being looked at almost immediately and people would actually discuss or provide feedback was incredible to me. – jestferlaffs


im guessing it started as soon as i learned how to hold a pen.. i remember getting into tons of trouble because i’d use permanent pens and scribble on anything i could reach.. like my mom’s jewelry box or my dad’s reading glasses.. or kitchen walls – inkedcanvas

It started from the need to be in a place where I can belong. Then, I found about Joe and hitRECord. After seeing so many great creative minds...well, I just snapped and here I am doing my best to RECord with what I have and given by God. And what my mind can conjure up -gyllenmaya


HR inspire us to keep our dreams and don’t be afraid to try new things, and give us inspiration to do everything we want. – gabyvaughan


Someone showed me the video godofwine shot from the second (I think?) SitC show of Joe singing "La Valse a Mille Temps". The energy of the crowd and from Joe just astounded me. I looked into it a little bit, but held off joining…Finally, I came to the site and watched the intro, and fell in love with this place. I haven't been so happy in years. There is literally nothing better to do than to hitRECord. –phenomenaaa


it is that thrill of collaborating and reinventing one’s self that i find here that i can’t find anywhere else. as of march 27, 2010 I became a hitRECorder for life. so, to answer the fourth question a bit more seriously, it is all of you who have become my biggest influence. – moonbug


I read about it somewhere online.  I started because I was intrigued by the work everyone was doing.  I thought that maybe I could help contribute to that and join a community I felt was both encouraging and incredibly inspiring. – blbest


I look back at my first couple records and the kinds of things I make now. I owe the world to you guys! I've never felt so much love. I get so excited thinking about the idea of growing up with HitRecord. This is the place that gave me the courage to go to art school, Its the people that continually make me strive to step out the comfort zone an inch or two further.  I'm still a rookie, but I still can't believe I was lucky enough to find this world to grow up in♥ - xobreexo23

Ok, I don't really remember.. it was 2009.  I THINK joe was on Jimmy Fallon? Maybe? And it sounded cool and then I signed up.... didn't get it. Then i came back.. kinda got it.. and this time I'm getting it.  I've always done this, its just usually been illegal or all by myself or my own entertainment... or whatever. I was on this tumblr site that allowed me to put myself out there in a real way, and so now I just do it unabashadly.. hope you aren't getting sick of me yet.... I have a lot more to say. - marcellepallais

Most importantly, though, the collaborative aspect means there's always something to spark your imagination and you can get some pretty instant payoff by seeing someone else take up where you left off and make something more beautiful than you could have alone. - sfdetroiter

I kept following links and relevant videos on youtube, and finally came across a blog that mentioned it. I thought the concept was interesting, so I visited. And here I am. -themetafictionist

I’d been watching this site for quite a while without joining. I have a tendency to be a non-joiner and, as previously mentioned, kept my art private. Eventually, I asked myself, “why not?” - rejjie


HitRecord.org became a thing for me because my sister, SarahAlyse, compelled me to arrange a mandolin part for the "National Tea Fairie Anthem." Then she wanted me to arrange a guitar part for a RegularJoe song, "Talking to Tomorrow." Eventually, I got on the site and beheld its glory. The notion of collaborative, open media and creative commons has become a major issue for me, as a result. I have read "Remix" by Lawrence Lessig, heard RegularJoe's wonderful diatribes, and have seen the light. Revolution now. – manwithhat


I started RECording though when I read an article about Sarah aka Metaphorest in an Irish newspaper. I decided to check the website out to see what all the fuss was about and fell in love with the idea of it instantly. Coincidentally, Sarah was the first person to actually recommend and remark on my first RECord. – fraeulein

 the first morgan movie. just a perfect, perfect collaboration, imo. everything i hoped collab art could be, like collage on a grand, grand scale. - via 

I have a LOT of time on my hands due to my health. Since, I’m in bed most of the time; my options for entertainment are limited. I stumbled upon Hitrecord and it has been a godsend. It had been a couple years since I had really created any independent art. It reawakened my desire to do so, and I love putting myself into art that I create and share with people. I am always in awe of this endless wellspring of such beautiful, soulful art on Hitrecord that always inspires me. – elleraiseshell

My good friend jill told me about this site right before i was heading to see her at sundance … i took one look at the site and the new deal and fell in love… i immediately saw the potential in a company like this.. and in the first time in a very long time felt like being creative again…. my life was pretty rough leading up to finding hitrecord and it was the spark i needed to pull myself out of the rut i was in… im not lying when i say hitrecord kind of saved me from myself.. and for that i am forever grateful and will be a hitRECorder for life - filmpunk

Couple months ago I read something online about HitRECord.org, checked it out and fell in love. - ruffedges


i was hanging out at my friend's place and saw this cool painting on his wall. i asked him what was it suppose to be? who made it? where is it from? he said his good friend Monica did it. i was like, cool.. its nice! and he was like, eh she got other rad stuff on this art site called hitRECord, you should check it out, so i did. lurked around for a bit first, introduced myself to Monica, who is better known here as InkedCanvas. next thing i knew, without much thought, i found a nice home here. – honeyboy


Once you hitRECord, you can’t go back it’s like a wonderful drug that everyone’s on, and with each hit, it ensures the best trip ever. I took the drug analogy too far, it’s really just opened new horizons for me and I keep getting more friends and family to join. They joke I’m addicted, the truth is I am. – Rochelle boucher

I'd been thinking about joining over Christmas last year, but actually decided to join when I saw the first Morgan film. It really solidified for me what the site was about and helped me see how it worked. - day_glow


I saw a couple of interviews of Joseph Gordon-Levitt promoting the site. And I looked it up, because I loved the idea of a bunch of random people, respectfully sharing interests with one another. – madisenmusic


I was glad to discover the site because one of my dreams was to create an art community – and Joe has created a wonderful one. But I couldn`t join for a year because I wasn`t sure that my skills were good enough. When I read about a “Creation myth” collab 2 months ago I realized I couldn`t stay aside any longer. – lea Daniel


courtesy of the wife, i found the place where there was a forum of like minded individuals! – klosinski


I guess to see what's out there. Everyone on here seems to be really passionate about following what they love to do. Creating. The laughable career. I love that – johnnyclyde

Here? The site?


Long story.


Interesting story, but I’d rather talk about it than write. Still, I’ll mention one WHY: Apparently, it’s hard to get things deleted once you’ve REC-ed, so – you – must stand by your “finished product” [100%] and I like that approach. Makes me fully responsible for whatever idea I choose to share with the community at any given time. -GRL


It was like waking up one day to discover you had a language within you that had simply laid dormant for years: Good morning, 2011! Today, we hit record... – typochondriac

I saw an interview with Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the New York Times Francesco Carrozzini series and he mentioned that he’d been hanging out with Russian clowns. Being a self-confessed devotee of Russian clowns myself *, I mentioned it to my friend Maz, with whom I discuss everything relevant, and she then sent me a link to this site. She’s been lurking, actually… Maz, if you are reading this then you should join! Right now! Just hitRECord! - crane_crafter

I don't really remember a time when I WASN'T RECording, but my involvement with the site in particularly came in April 2011 when Joe visited the University of Maryland to do hitRECord at the Movies, and I got to talk to him about film preservation (my biggest passion), in front of about 850 people. Since starting graduate school, I had a serious lack of creative outlets, and I was overwhelmed by the idea of hitRECord, and joined as soon as I returned from the show.  – librarygirl6


I checked it out and signed up (not really knowing what it was!)...but I am glad I did. I love it. – sb324


When I realized how tight this community was I started RECording more because I love working with you guys and love seeing what people take from my work and what I can take from theirs. The idea of collabs amazeeees me…! – theimaginedconfident


It took me awhile to get a grasp of what the site was all about. But once I figured it all out and realized what everyone was capable of I never looked back. I've seen and been a part of some really cool things on this site and can't wait to see what the future holds. – ryan patrick

I always liked photography and writingIn my profession we use it a lot. I saw in HitRecord the opportunity to share and make wonderful creative things just like I do in my job. It's a beautiful work what we've done here and I'm very proud to make a little part of this. - aimeecanto


I met HR at Sundance. After speaking with the lovely Lula and Marke and Nathan, I knew that this was something I could sink my teeth into. One of my biggest sticking point with art is my stagnancy. I get into a way of thinking and I don’t really break barriers anymore. I just meander along doing art. HR lights a metaphorical fire under my ass to do new things. I have edited more video for HR than the rest of my life. I am excited to meet such amazing creative people on here, true friends who I hope to know for my lifetime. It is awe-inspiring to be with such like minded and talented people. – jpeezy


I started RECording more and more, and eventually I realized how much this place meant to me. It has really helped me grow not only as an artist, but as a person. I have learned a lot about myself, and I've started to call myself an artist. I started RECording because it seemed like a fun hobby. Now I RECord as a way to express myself and to connect with others, and I can't thank you all enough for your support – jordyn.myah


I think I saw a newspaper article about hitRECord...when I found the website, I couldn't believe it...it was like I found Zen, Nirvana and Heaven rolled into one...with a dash of tabasco. – saintmaker


I started in July because I saw Inception and loved it and when looking up stuff about the movie I came across stuff about Joe and hitRECord and checked it out and fell in love. I missed being creative. – lilacamy11


I read about the site in some newspaper and forgot about it. Then remembered it again and started posting stuff. It was about the same time I’d started writing songs and scripts more prolifically too so perhaps twas the fates giving me a nudge. Thanks fates! It’s been a great motivator and confidence booster ever since. – metaphorest


On Joseph Gordon-Levitts 28th birthday I joined hitrecord. I posted a crappy little video I made on moviemaker, which played over his "28 years ago today, I was born, or so they say..." record. I had such a good time making it; using other peoples contributions, and when I was done with it, I thought it was kind of crappy, but I had so much fun making it that I ended up posting it. And the next day it was on the front of the site, and then other people started using some of the pieces I made. From that moment I was hooked. This site still amazes me. It really is an ongoing, never ending showcase of what people can do. I've always been in to videos, movies, photography, the whole shebang. Always! When you enjoy something as that so much, for as long as you can remember, it's probably something that's meant to be. Finding this site was meant to be. And I love ya all! - hellolindsayyyyy


I started drawing when i was three or four and haven't really stopped. ...and feel like i only just started, thank you, hitrecorders for all the inspiration - gwy


I hitRECord after I saw our Boss on one of those late night talk shows promoting inception and his website, so curiosity overtook me and I have been RECording since august 5th, 2010. I needed escapism from the breakup I was going through and hitRECord was the perfect distraction. When I had too much time on my hand and my thoughts were getting to me, I would RECord and it helped me through it. Now I have made new friends and I realized instead of getting angry, crying or say hurtful things to people, I smile, walk off and take all my anger out in my writing and it’s a beautiful thing :) – eulange


I discovered hitRECord a few months ago through Twitter and immediately joined. I've always wanted to see what people could do with my music (as far as adding it to video goes) and hitRECord seemed like the perfect opportunity. People have made so much cool stuff, and the praise I've gotten for my music is unbelievable. Everyone on this site is so supportive. Best website ever. – megancarnes


I found the forums at the end of last year (I really don’t remember how, I think it might have been through a twitter link) I created an account but didn’t release any records until version 4.0. As for why, I just thought what the community was doing was wonderful and I wanted to be a part of it :) – beautiful_kitsch


I've always been RECording. But I hit that little stumble button and came to this site and never left. - ashliewithani


My creative outlets were at a low point, and it was almost as if a part of me needed to be filled. It was filled shortly after I caught a bit of an interview with Joe on Conan (I believe it was Conan). As soon as I heard about what the site consisted of I was sold. – isaness


Heard about it on Sean Lennon's message board. Checked it out. Didn't really get it. Came back a while later, continue to be blown away by the talent here as well as the supportive environment. Thrilled I can be a small part. Where I grew up art was almost a dirty word. – monkeychow


I've been coloring and drawing for as long as I can remember, I took all the art classes in school and was in choir all four years of high school. I've also been writing for as long as I can remember. As for recording for HitRECord, I found and joined the site almost a year ago when I found Joe on Twitter and wondered what his name meant. I do it because I love it, and I don't know what I would do if I couldn't make things. – lizRECords


I started RECording when I was very young.  I have a cassette tape of myself singing Laura Branigan's "Gloria" from when I was real little.  I used to see my dad recording music all the time, so it was natural for me to hit record.  I never thought I'd be doing it as much as I am now though.  And I'm so happy that I am.   – haus_of_glitch


I know I have said this so many times but it's the truth: NEVER have I been more inspired to write, to RECord then since I have joined hitRECord and met all these amazingly talented people. Never have I felt more welcome to a community of total strangers who all produce art together. It doesn't matter who you are, where you live, how old you are, whether you are on popstar wages or a poor student struggling to get by. It doesn't matter how little you contribute, whether it's a whole script or just a fraction of a video, a melody or lyrics to a song... once you join hitRECord, you become part of an amazing collaboration. It certainly opens hearts and minds, hitRECord helped me to start writing again. YOU helped me to start writing again. I'd like to believe that I am somewhat of a good writer. I don't know... Writing helps me to process, helps me to progress and it makes me feel free.... The most beautiful thing to happen to me while being a hitRECorder is, that one of my poems "Screaming into the darkness" was used by lindseyd who turned it into a stunning new RECord using one of PikiSmiles drawings. This poem means a lot to me and I actually hesitated before I put it on hitRECord. But when I saw her RECord I had tears in my eyes because I never thought my words could actually reach out to someone else, causing them to feel inspired and create something as beautiful as Lindsey did. And this is why I hitRECord - almost every day. It is this community of people from all over the world who are all here to do one thing: to hitRECord and share it with everyone. – crashandburn

I actually read the Time Magazine article about HitRECord back in Sept and decided to check out the site. It seemed pretty rad and I thought it would be a good way to keep the creative juices going in my brain. So far it has been a pretty successful venture. This site is pretty awesome and I've read and seen a bunch of really great things put out by the other members as well as awesome encouragement. – thadicalradical


I realized that (without sounding like I am on a therapist's couch) I didn't need to wander alone through the jungle of art any more. Here were thousands of people willing to accept my art for what it was, a piece of me. I didn't have to be embarrassed about getting overly-enthusiastic about a piece of art, a video, a piece of music. Here was a group of people who thought like me! I could learn, I could grow, I could create, I could use all these amazing resources. RECording has also helped me channel and focus my artistic energies. I don't feel like I am floundering in a sea of ideas. Instead, I am floating in a small boat on a lake of creativity, fishing. And whenever I say a big juicy fish of an idea, I can scrutinize it from above, plan how to catch and develop it...and then go fishing! – pamagotchi


It honestly couldn’t have come at a better time in my life, and I mean that with complete seriousness. I was miserable; I hadn’t created or felt passionate about anything in seven years. I was depressed and dealing with a lot of financial and relationship issues… I was definitely at my lowest of lows. But I remember signing up, reading the hitRECord Accord and watching the video. I remember seeing Summer in the City and longing to be a part of something that spectacular and awesome. I remember feeling that fire start within me to be excited and passionate about art and creation again, even if it was something small. It was the greatest feeling I’ve had in a long long time. I tell people all of the time that joining hitRECord set the spark within me to change for the better. I honestly believe that I’ve accomplished that, even in the short time that I’ve been here. :) ♥ - cchellez


I got onto Twitter because it pays to be familiar with social networking. I looked up some of my favourite people to follow, and that's how I found Joe, and then hitRECord! I didn't really do anything for about a month because I didn't feel I had anything to contribute. Then I posted a few doodles that got some nice feedback and I felt encouraged to do more. - proi


I've been REcording since birth. I've just now found somewhere to build upon my RECords with others - doverpeak


A few weeks ago I was working on reconstructing my introductory lit course for the fall semester and I decided that what I really want to help the students to understand is not only the universal, puppy-murdering consequences of comma splices, but also that art is transformative and transforming. I want the students to know that the literature we're engaging with is not a dead body on which we do an autopsy but a living creature whose existence is a response to something and something that makes us respond. We are changed by the world; we change the world through our expressions of it and responses to it; someone we may never know is changed by that expression and the world is changed by that encounter…. Art, in other words, is a perpetual motion machine. So I asked my online peeps over at my other blog to give me some examples of transformative acts of art. I got some truly fabulous stuff, such as, for instance, this guy who has developed a way to turn floor plans of cathedrals into music, or these artists who turn books into sculpture, or sculptors who materialize music. And someone linked me to hitRECord. Within 30 seconds of clicking the link I bounced up and down in my chair and pointed at the screen and shouted, "That! That right there! That's it!" It wasn't just "it" in terms of illustrating precisely what I want my students to see, but also in terms of an attitude toward art and collaboration that chimes perfectly with my own feelings and practice. hitRECord is art as perpetual motion machine. I've never had a strong attachment to the author function (maybe it's all that post-structuralism I read when my head was still soft), and I have too strong a sense of my embeddedness in the infinite and intricate webs of influence and inspiration, the endless permutations of call-and-response we think of as culture, to feel like anything I make is really my own (which is why I'll never really be able to shop the damn novel). One alone is kind of meaningless for me. Two is quite literally a condition of space. So hitRECord seems like a natural home, this sprawling "City of Doors," this collective architecture, a Wonderland where everything is constantly in the process of becoming something else. So, that's why I became a hitRECorder. - sbo


I have always been a collector, whether of words and thoughts, or of photos, or of music.  When I found hitRECord, I was in a creative black hole of sorts.  My mind was everywhere, I was starting project after project (sometimes without even a day in between) and not seeing anything through to the finish.  The site and people in it are so amazing, I am constantly feeling inspired, but also have more of a focus than I ever did before.  Even if I don't upload everything I create, I always have this site in mind.  I love that we all collaborate together.  Even if I'm not directly involved in something, I like that I'm as proud at the finished project as I would be if I had.  I love us. –missamerica


I heard or this site because of Joe, but I stayed and started recording because of everyone else here, you are all so amazing. –red84ro


I read about this site ... somewhere...I checked it out and didn’t really get it at first...but I signed up anyways. After a little while it made sense and I got hooked on it. It’s nice to be in touch with people who have the same interests. I feel truly inspired by this community and I feel motivated to learn, to improve myself and to be creative... – belcath1981


I think I saw Joe tweet about hitrecord and were curious :) I joined in 2010, but I have been lurking for a long time and haven't started posting until about a year later. That's why I have about 3000 recommendations and 40 records :P

However, I’m so glad I did join. Not only because it’s made me go outside my comfort zone with the stuff I attempt to make, but also because of the amazing people I’ve met – barush


Honestly, it found me.  And I suppose I joined so I could take part in something beautiful and meet people like YOU :) – anyorkable


I’ve been RECording since childhood but it wasn’t until college that I realized it wasn’t a hobby but my life. So I got a degree in film and have been working at paying the bills and trying to make film pay the bills ever since. I learned about hitRECord about a year ago but kept telling myself that I didn’t know how I could contribute to the site and it wasn’t until July that I finally told myself that I wouldn’t know what I could do on hitRECord until I actually joined and started to hit RECord with a purpose. In hindsight I’m really glad I did. – mrbosslady


So I saw Inception in theatres. And while I was watching it, whenever Arthur was onscreen, I thought to myself, “who is this badass gentleman?” (Later I would find out he voiced Jim Hawkins in Treasure Planet, my favourite movie when I was like, 8).

So after looking up Joe, I was directed onto hitRECord and was promptly distracted by all the awesome art/writing/music/videos/etc. I went back to the site the next day and really started looking around, seeing what it was about.

I didn’t join then, I was a little intimidated by the whole “online production company” bit, so I lurked around the site for…five months.

In this time, I streamed the Summer in the City show, (where I just fell in love with the community) watched a boatload of artistic people join the site, and sadly, learned about Dan. But after another month, when the site was fairly quiet, I decided to join. I joined because I wanted to be a part of hitRECord. The site just made sense to me. Everyone is so supportive and non-judgmental and it felt like the place where I could put up my work and feel comfortable in doing so. I joined because I wanted to collaborate with all the fantastically talented people out there. – reverie


Shortly before the Summer in the City series a good friend of mine found the site and led me to it. It didn't take much more than the introductory 'hello' video to get me helplessly hooked on the ideal and the concept. It was a chance for unbridled creativity that I really only thought the stage could afford me. It was love at first sight and the relationship has yet to go sour. I've made some amazing connections here and seen some amazing things. I've said things I never thought I'd say and frankly? I think things only get better from here. – major tom


I've known about this site for a while but never really looked and then I did one day after someone posted something on tumblr about some thing or another and I looked a bit closer and saw the RE: Cities collaboration and thought "this is exactly what I need to sign up for to motivate me to do shit" and it's worked so far. I've been more productive these past few days than I have this entire summer. – lidan


I used to be crap at drawing, but I was better than the other kids, so I figured I might as well cultivate it. turned out pretty well. – cachet


I'd known about this place for a long time before signing up. I think back before it was anything like the place it is today. I didn't really understand it, and as much as I wanted to just join and see what it was all about, I left it, and forgot about it. Then a while later, I was looking for possible places to meet artists, and remembered this place somehow, and I thought, 'What the hell?'.

I've never looked back. It's been an amazing adventure so far, and it's only just starting. – horrorshock666

I felt very isolated as a writer and wanted to collaborate with other creative minds. When I heard Joe talk about this site, I was totally sold. – annascanlon

Well, I have to say that I’m one of the people who came to the site during the influx after Inception came out. Even so, I’ve always wanted to be a part of a collaborative site like HitRECord. I’ve just never thought to look before then. It’s quickly become one of my favorite sites on the internet. The whole community is just sooo great that it can be a little overwhelming at times. I’ve met a lot of great friends in such a short time and I have to say that I’m pretty hooked on HR. I’ll be here for life! ♥ - melonberri


Lula and I are from the same place in Texas, and she choreographed some shows at the theatre I grew up at. I wasn’t in those particular shows, but everyone at the theatre knows who Lexy is--she is referred to definitively as Sexy Lexy. Our artistic director posted links to MMM on the theatre’s website, and I went to check them out. My life was changed, and I was born again…As a hitRECorder. – meenah10


One of my brothers had been talking about the site since it started. He told me everything about what it was and what it is becoming… As I continued with my practice on my own, he one day said to me…. 'It’s really powerful because if you want to make something, you don’t need to create it from conception, to pre-production, to production, to post production anymore. You can go to the site with no intention of making something, but may come across a couple RECords that you feel belong together, put them together and depending on how well you do it, you can walk away with your creative senses satisfied.' He was correct. It is true. As a result all you hitRECorders have become my Doctor, and I your patient. – dr gory


I saw a mention of the site somewhere on the net. And I shrugged it off because I had no clue what it was and had no interest in finding out. Then I clicked a link one day. It was interesting timing. I've actually been a published romance author for going on four years now. But the ideas were dwindling.

HitRECord's like a creative upper. I don't know when I'll get my book ideas churning again but it's a relief to know that I'm not creatively barren like I thought I was – scarlet


One day ,a friend of mine told me about a GREAT website. He was sure that i would love it . Well, he was right. – fleurdelys


I joined immediately but I was a bit intimidated at the time and after posting a couple of poems I just sort of stopped. Then this summer I felt the story of Fuchsia concrete in my mind and decided to come back and share it. The site was different and I felt more confident posting things and so here I am. ...Or I could have saved you the reading and summed it up by saying I am weird. And an Aquarius.  – melismayhem


Being honest, after my first view of inception, I started looking for fanart, about the movie and someone from a fansite posted a link to the first Summer in the City’s Recorded stream. I watched it and was absolutely in awe for what I saw. Specially the A whole new earth/everything on fire record. I searched Hitrecord on google, and I still couldn’t believe what I was reading, seeing. It was way too awesome to be real! So I watched the videos like 3 times, and read the whole Accord, complete, and took me two days to actually decide wether to get into or not. And here I am. And I’m so proud and happy. I might have not enough time anymore, but, HitRECord is now like my new family. And it never stops giving me inspiration. – rancita


Up until recently, I felt totally drained of all creativity; like there was no way I could get it back. Then, after stumbling across HitRECord, I felt this sudden surge of energy that encouraged me to get artsy again. I picked up a pencil that night, and got going – and since then I haven’t been able to stop. So thank you for that, guys. Your creativity is both inspired and inspiring. - katy doodles


A friend originally told me about hitRECord right around when Summer in the City was going on. But when I looked on the site, I realized I’ve probably been RECording for most of my life. I didn’t sign up right away, because I was CONVINCED that I would not be able to contribute anything of worth. That there are already so many talented artists on here, what could I possibly do?

I’m not sure what the catalyst was for me finally just saying “Screw it,” and joining, but I’m glad I finally did. I’ve only been a member of the site for three weeks, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while. – fabulouslyfreckled


After seeing Inception I looked for more things that Joe had done. After watching all 6 seasons of 3rd Rock I came across Regularity vids on Youtube and Morgan and Destiny’s Eleventeenth Date. They all talked about this thing called HitRECord and so I followed the link, marveled at the awesomeness that was the site, didn’t join for two weeks cause I was afraid I wouldn’t be “good” enough and then, unable to resist the siren call, hit that red button. – jesterlady


So, there was a video interview on hitREC.org. So I watched it and became intrigued. Since I was a small child I've been interested in acting and I've been writing since I was twelve. I've flirted with the idea of moving to Hollywood for the longest time. So, I decided to join. I signed up back in May but for almost two months now, I have developed O.C.D. over hitRec.org! I had no idea how addicting it has become. – mrs.tibbs23


It looked fun, to be honest. Art was starting to become work in the last couple of months, and I was thrilled to stumble on a place where it could be so casual. – cmschelsea


To get back into writing, life is creating and keeping something out there that represents you in such a way that connects you and sets you apart from everything. Off YouTube, Morgan and Destiny, was the first piece I’d seen. - karlamarie


Well, I guess it has been part of my life since I was born.

Each year, my dad used to make records from all of his kids (there are six of us). It was more like an interview, and in the end of the interview we used to choose a song to sing. The first time I was part of my dad's project, I collaborate with my baby cry (I wasn't even talking yet).

We had many of these tapes, and few years ago my dad made a RECollection and recorded them on a CD.

So, that was just the beggining. After this, any good idea about music, writing, filming, photograpy and etc. has been recorded by the whole family. – milenereis


I'd been avoiding joining because I suck at time management and could tell that hitrecord would probably distract me to no end with it's awesome (spoiler alert, it has) but finally did join while trying to see if I could interview anybody in the founding staff of hitrecord for a class I was taking. While that didn't work out due to time and location restraints, everyone was very welcoming and I immediately got addicted to spitting out records of all varieties, and so, here we are... sort of. That's half of the story.

The other half is that I spotted a copy of the RECollection in my friend Jacqueline's apartment while we were hanging out, and went to it like a missile, so she told me about how awesome the Fall Formal was and showed me the her copy of Tiny Stories Vol 1. I realized then and there that distraction be damned, I had to RECord. -epocadofim


Well I learned about hitRECord from Joe’s tweets and then I was fortunate enough to go to the SXSW Spring Spectacular and it’s been addiction from there, haha. I had followed the site, but the Spring Spectacular really pushed me to get involved. I was just amazed by these things that were coming out of this amazing art community. I was hesitant to join in because I don’t really consider myself an artist, just an artsy person of sorts. I just love coming to the website and seeing what people are doing. In the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying to do more creative things and I feel like now more than ever I’m able to learn from you all and I’m really getting the chance to grow as an “artist.” I’m seeing things in perspectives I never have before and I’m just incredibly thankful that this opportunity exists for me right now. – scarletoak


A friend of mind posted a video on Facebook of him singing at the REC room during the last Sundance. I looked into the site, and here I am today. – krrr


My favorite thing about this website is the amount of creativity that exists, and the collaborations that take place. It's nice to feel like I'm a part of a community of people who truly enjoy working together. It reminds me that the possibilities are endless. – dreamweav3er


I saw a interview of RegularJOE on Youtube by the Australian Reporter Brad Blanks on the Red Carpet in the snow at Sundance.  RegularJOE mentioned HitRecord.  I came here and checked it out, signed up.  And the rest is marked in biro... Why? - I was in a creative funk I have to admit.  All of my creative energy was going to my day job and was leaving nothing for me.   But now I feel rejuvenated. – f.m.gore-kelly


When I was 13 years old, a teacher put a video camera in my hand and told me to make something.  So I did.  I've been RECording ever since.

I got a guitar around the same time too.  After about a year, I decided to take it out and try to play it, and the more I played, the more I loved it.

I don't RECord for any particular reason other than the reason that we all do.  It's because we need to.  We all need to RECord in order to catch the rest of the world up to what's going on inside our heads, and that each of us feels an innate call to create for no other reason than for creation's sake.

In regards to RECording with hitRECord, I just really dig the idea.  It brings back the spirit of creation instead of the spirit of profit when it comes to art, which when it comes to the kinds of RECords we put out, is very hard to do.  I'm in it to see what there is to see and see what I can do with it and to enjoy myself doing it. – cinematic.audiophile


I started because I loved the idea of a community of artists collaborating together. - tootwofoursquare


I started a week ago. I have been trying with some success to get my art out there to try and make a living for myself that way. I was on facebook looking at regualr joe (Joseph Gordin-Levitt) because I have always respected his acting career, and wanted to like his page. I saw a post he made on his page about the site, and I checked it out. I soon discovered artists who where amazing like wirrow, metaphorest, mirtle, and many others, and just knew this site was for me. I would love to contribute as much as I can. - adhgraphicdesign


I do it for me. I do it because hitRECord's try-anything, contribute-to-anything manifesto means that I don't have to define myself as just a writer, or just an artist, or just a musician. I do it because when I have a small idea that hasn't morphed into anything concrete or substantial yet, I still have someplace to go with that material. I do it because the work I post doesn't have to be finished, or polished, or always cohesive. And in the end, I don't do it for my work; I do it for the opportunity to interact with YOUR work. All of you. Because the fact is that through this site, I have access to not just my own creativity, but the seeds of ideas from a hundred thousand people all across the world- and they have access to mine. Just think, for a second, about how radically we are influencing the creative process just by sharing our unfinished, unpolished, aimless ideas! - sarabastien1


I'm not entirely sure that I've started quite yet if you're meaning when did I start RECording on hitRECord. I've been keeping an eye on things just getting to know the site and figure out how it works and everything. I hate not knowing what I'm doing and then fudging things up! However, speaking in general, I've been RECording since age three when I colored my brother's bedroom walls with blue crayon. Haven't been able to stop since. Nothing really releases happiness quite like creation, it's what keeps me sane, to be honest. Or at the very least, what keeps me stable. -devine.debris


What I love about the site is that it helps maintain my focus. There’s constant ideas roaming around waiting to be freed, but everything I sketched or wrote before was just throw to waste. On HR, I really don’t care and I’m glad if someone (a Hitrecorder) screws with my records in any way possible. As long as I have my thoughts down in whichever form I use that day, then somehow find and use the other HRs’ records to portray another agonizing thought (like CreatiffMotiff’s “Inconsiderate Muse”), then I am fine. And it’s not just about getting my thoughts out, it’s about portraying others’ records too. The process goes hand in hand; it’s a community, a circle of life, and everyone plays a role one way or another to create what was once impossible. That’s what makes HR so unique.

Finally, no offense to Joe (like he would ever reads this), but I did not know much about him besides seeing him on 3rd Rock from the Sun back then, not that I watched it, but that was basically what I knew---However, I am glad I was not "fond of your acting career" when I finally decided to join. I’m skeptical of a lot of shit at first, but I trust your intentions, not just for HR, but what you stand for, which I’ll end this interview with the quote, “…That man changed the world, never had to pick up a gun.” – mlo0987

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