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Still do not know how much less time, but since I started writing this diary I feel the timeshortens my life, my beats are getting heavy and my hands are hardened every time I grabmy pen, I just remember that awakening of a strange and confusing morning, a strongsmell coming from my body and a cursed ring in my head that continues to harass me, feelings of a life already expended and feelings that speak to me in pain, I remember anunfinished novel and the taste of a never tried coffee, I remember waking up in my bedroom lying on the ground caught in the agony and uncertainty, I felt my soul screamfrom deep burning my throat, it was strange, little by little I saw my life or what was left ofshe reflected on these old leaves, not wanting to live immersed in the total decline of my thoughts, wanting to die but I can not do it.




Created: Feb 14, 2012

Tags: awakening

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