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One day I will ride abandoned highways on a rusty red motorcycle, the wind tossing my hair behind me like a superhero's cape. 

One day I will spend days at a time in a library, lost in foreign and surreal worlds, traveling alongside Hamlet and Ali Baba and Gilgamesh and Genji.

One day I will take up skiing again, spend days getting myself lost in the mountains and nights singing to the moon, renaming the constellations.

One day I will camp in the wild wilderness in a real Native American teepee, meditating and munching on burnt marshmallow s'mores.

One day I will buy myself a domestic fox and name him Ames, French for "friend." Also, I will adopt a cocker spaniel and a wolf. Instead of being a crazy cat lady, I'll be the crazy dog lady… with one fox.

One day I will not be gored at the Running of the Bulls, not get into trouble at Mardi Gras, and not buy anything at Fashion's Night Out. 

One day I will speak fluent Spanish and surf the coast of Africa. 
I will have seen live kangaroos and saltwater crocodiles in Australia and lemurs in Madagascar. 
I will have my entire body tattooed in henna in Bollywood and meditate in the Himalayas. 
I'll teach English and Spanish in Moscow and write poetry in St. Petersburg. 

And when I'm wrinkled and weary, I'll bake cookies for the neighborhood children of Portland, Oregon, and chocolate cheesecake for their overworked teachers. I'll pause and reflect, perhaps take some more time to read, garden, and finally write the great American novel.

Created: Feb 14, 2012


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