Cirque Treatment by Scorpion1184


Examining the bizarre underworld of circus performers “Cirque” is a tale of mystery, murder, sex, deceit, illusions, and the dramatic aura of the theater. Using a tone and visual style reminiscent of the works of David Lynch, “Cirque” takes you on a journey into the production of a circus act. Using a score of operatic arias each song will be used to mirror each character’s story. The performers illicit lives and intoxicatingly amazing acts will show a world not often seen to the public. A questionable murder will create intrigue. The erotic undertone will entice the senses. Hidden agendas will affect each character’s fate and bring a complex story to life. Come and enter the world of “Cirque”.

1885 London, England. The Zodiac circus, the greatest show in the world. Living work of art by Drago the shows visionary and creator. One of a kind circus, home to the twelve stars of the Zodiac. Dargo has carefully assembled these one of a kind acts from all over the world. Each represents a symbol of the Zodiac and it is reflected in every aspect of their person down to their act. Every act has been conceptualized to wow, shock, frighten, and arouse his audience.

Drago was born to a German mother who was part of a traveling circus. She was known for her mystical powers and her ability to foretell the future. She was the star of her troop until she became violently ill. They cared for her for as long as their patience would allow and then just left her to die. Before her death she gave Drago her diary and a set of old Tarot cards. These were no ordinary cards, for starters there were only twelve cards to the set. Each card represented one of the twelve original members of the first circus. The members of the first circus were hailed as gods for their incredible abilities. Each was said to derive their abilities from a symbol of the zodiac. Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, ect...
The diary spoke of a prophecy, that if the descendents of the twelve original zodiacs where re-assembled, the initiator and the twelve zodiacs would attain immortality, as long as they remained together. His mother spent her life trying to locate the twelve zodiacs, and her work was documented in her diary. The Zodiac became Dragos obsession and fulfilling his mothers prophecy his life’s mission.

Drago has recently completed his Zodiac but the rest of the troop remains unaware of their immortality, all except for Fredrika. The completed circus has been together for three years and tonight has returned to London to perform for royalty. The show has gone perfectly and the audience has given one standing ovation after another. Their eyes grow wider as each act leads into the next. Everything is perfect, on the surface, but behind the scenes Drago is possessed by jealousy and driven by vengeance. He has become obsessed with Celestial (Scorpio), and has recently discovered she has been fooling around with Radovan (Aries). He has meticulously crafted a new act for tonight, that will close the show. He has called it Treachery, and it stars Celestial and Radovan.

Ice sums up Drago’s emotional character. He is very misunderstood and has very cool exterior but beneath the surface, he is very passionate. He needs overkill to feel alive and thrives in the center of controversy, which he will often create out of boredom. He lives and breathes his Circus. He expects much out of his performers and will often resort to cruel practices to get what he wants. He is a craftsman liar and can make you believe anything. He is the puppeteer holding the strings of the performers. Intensely private, he trust few people. He is used to getting what he wants, and putting up barriers will only intensify his desire. He enjoys the game of manipulation and will not rest until he has stripped you of your soul. He knows fully well he can manipulate and control people, and he loves it.

Drago has mastered his Zodiac and knows exactly how to manipulate each of them to get what he wants. He plays off of every sign’s weaknesses and insecurities, he creates chaos within the circus to inspire new acts for the show.


PISCES, Pavel is a Russian inventor and scientist. He is the man responsible for the technical parts of the show. He along with Drago, make Drago’s visions come to life. Drago would like to think of him as his right hand, but the master, slave relationship shows otherwise. He holds many of the secrets of the Zodiac Circus and of its inhabitants. He enjoys his solitude and has never been able to maintain a long term relationship. He frequents whore houses and is a heroin addict. He claims he has his best ideas when he is high. He is a romantic at heart and often lets himself be manipulated by woman. He is in love with Christelle (Taurus), and allows her to use him with the hope of one day earning her love. He has been experimenting with electricity and has hopes of one day being part of the act. He has come up with an incredible act he calls “The Man in the Machine”.

ARIES, Radovan is a Croatian Dare-Devil. His acts consist of death defying, acrobatic fire acts. He is very handsome and also very arrogant. He uses his natural charm and good looks to always get his way. He is very opinionated and is always undermining Dragos authority. He sleeps with anything that crosses his path, and all the woman in the troop hate him for it, mostly because they have all fallen victim to his charm. He suffers from severe migraines which sometimes lead to aggression. He has fooling around with Celestial (Scorpio), Drago’s obsession and muse. He knows if Drago finds out, it might mean the end of his career with the circus, but how could not resist.

TAURUS, Christelle the French Diva. She is a Diva in every sense of the word. She frequently throws tantrums in her dressing room, costumes and performance accessories are not up to standards. She is very stubborn, she gives her all to her performance and will do nothing less then perfection. Her voice is her most precious possession. She is the soundtrack to the Zodiac Circus, each song chosen by Drago to perfectly compliment his vision. She has a soft spot for Pavel and loves to show him what she will never let him have and uses it to get information out of him. Her voice has been starting to wane, and rumors spread that she might be replaced.

GEMINI, Vaneza & Viviana the identical, Polish twins. They are contortionist that can perfectly interlock their bodies into one another’s. They are whimsical and witty, flirtatious and incredibly vain. The two girls were runaway orphans at the age of ten, when they were found by Drago. They were raised in the circus by Frederika (Cancer) and Drago. They are very loyal to Drago and enjoy their life in the Circus. Vaneza is the older of the two, she is very grounded and friendly to others. She enjoys playing mind games with men in a sense of adventure. Viviana is highly moody and two faced. She is flighty and devious towards others, especially her sister. She gossips about other performers while pretending to be their friend. At her core, Viviana resents being a “duo” and looks for ways, including others, that can help her schemes, to break free from her sister’s hold on her life. They constantly fight over men, and argue over who is better at what. Viviana has had enough after discovering Vaneza has taken another potential lover from her. She starts plotting with Baul (Leo) to make her sister disappear for good.

CANCER, Fredrika the German clairvoyant. Her act consists of a cold read of the audience. She mesmerizes them as she reveals things about their past and their dead relatives. She is well respected and almost feared by the troop, some say she possesses the power of mind control. She is co-financier of the Zodiac circus and the only other member who knows about the prophecy. She is the only one not under Drago’s control but her secret love for him makes her surrender to his wishes. She is the “mother” of the troop and will do anything to keep Drago’s vision alive. She has no family left except for an older brother. He has recently re-appeared and is in desperate need of money. He approaches her and wants her to help him steal from Drago.

LEO, Baul the leader of the Gypsy’s. All very skilled acrobats and theatrical performers the Gypsy’s are the clowns of the circus. The Gypsy clan consist of all Leo’s. They plan their births so all member will be born under the August moon. Baul loves being the center of attention and usually is during the trickster acts. The tricksters come on between numbers and are the visuals to Celestial’s voice. Baul has a very flamboyant and dramatic nature, everything he does must be to the extreme. He has aspirations of riches and the good life but being raised a gypsy, and now the leader of a gypsy troop he will never admit his love of luxurious living. He is generally the first to crack a joke and is well liked by the troop. He is constantly at odds with Drago about creative differences. He aspires to be his own person and not have to worry about the well being of his clan. His younger siblings depend on him and he does what he must do for the well being of his clan. The Gypsy clan acts as Drago’s personal gang and do most of his dirty work.

Virgo, Ignatius the Improbable, originally from South America he became known across India as the greatest magician. Taking a scientific approach to his magic, he uses natural principals to make illusions that look astounding to common people. Ignatius works hard at perfecting his art but frequently doubts his abilities. He is always serious and receives much interest from women due to his attractiveness. However he thwarts their advances and focuses his time on studying in order to become a master performer. He is extremely tidy and hates it when any one touches his things. He is well like by the women in the troop and vary rarely deals with the men. He is especially disliked by Pavel for the lack of credit he is given by Ignatius. He helps conceive and make his vision a reality but gets none of the creative credit.

Libra, Afina the Romanian Aerialist. She has a flare for showing off her body in revealing outfits, on and off the stage. She is stunning and surrounds herself with only the finest beauty, albeit material objects or people. She, unknowingly, is full of herself and is constantly at odds with deciding what admirer she should settle with. This usually drives the men in her life crazy. She is pursued by Sukesh (Sagittarius) and gladly excepts his lavish gifts. Drago has designed an act specifically for them, depicting their situation. It involves Skukesh throwing knifes in the air as Afina swings from the ceiling. The act has been a big success, that is until a miscalculation almost causes Afina her life.

Scorpio, Celestial the Basque, Acrobatic sorceress. Celestial is the current star of the Zodiac Circus and Drago’s muse. She has used the power she has over him to become the main act. She is the female equivalent of Drago, like him she wants everything and she loves to manipulate the world around her. She has been using his own troop against him and causing him problems. She is jealous of Drago’s power and knows he has a big secret. Drago has been partly blinded by his lust, but her carelessness has led him to discover the truth about Radovan.

Sagittarius, Sukesh the Indian knife thrower. Sukesh is an expert at archery and knives. He walks on beds of nails and hot coals and gets into a pit with poisonous snakes and does a snake charming trick. He is Sikh, and worships the god of war. He possesses a larger then life vibrato and is at odds with some of the other performers regarding how the troop must be presented. He enjoys the company of varied women. He is very friendly to all, but very few know who he really is. He is highly opinionated and often critique’s others performances which does not appease Drago. He prefers the chase over the sexual act. He has been after Afina (Libra) and his patience grows thin, she will accept his gifts, but not his affection.

Capricorn, Ayira the Ethiopian animal trainer. Her act consist of getting her large cats (panther, cheetah, lion, tiger) to perform tasks. She is a master of her craft and some even think she can actually speak to the animals. Ayira’s parents were part of the same circus as Dragos mother. Drago knew her when they were young but lost touch with her after his mother died. She is one of Dragos friends but prefers not be part of his antics so she keeps her distance. She is not as gullible as the others and not as easily manipulated by Drago. She is a single mother to a young 7 year old boy. She is very strict with him, not allowing him to associate with some of the other performers. He frequently disobeys her and becomes the eyes to the antics of the troop. The boy has a particular interest in Pavel and his machines. He sneaks off to Pavel’s shop and spends hours helping him. Drago sees his curiosity and starts to use him to spy on the others. The boy is easily manipulated and keeps this from his mother.

Aquarius, Jin Ishi the Japanese Illusionist & escape artist. A young woman from a prominent family in Japan. She has turned her back on society and her standard upbringing in pursuit of adventure. She is fascinated by the bizarre underworld of the troop. Jin was the last Zodiac to be found and the newest member to the troop. She is very young and free spirited. She is a paradox of contradictions and she really just wants to have a good time. She is very sexually liberal and sleeps around with the men of the troop some using her as their muse. Her act consists of escape illusions where she must free herself of chains before she gets sawed in half or drowns.

The Four piece house Band

Opening Over Black
Someone once asked me how Clowns have sex?

The zipper of a pair of pants is unzipped revealing a female clown, the camera comes out of the crotch, passed the clown and heads out to the center ring.

Drago goes into voice over about Clown sex.

The act opens up with a beautiful ballet in the air between Celestial and Aries. The entire number one is supported by the other as they fly through the air suspended over flames. The number signifies trust and how each holds they others life in there hands. They have been rehearsing the number for the past week and no one has seen its conclusion but the two performers and Drago. Drago has a tendency of changing things right before they are to be performed on stage. As the music starts to intensify they begin to fly faster and faster around the center ring.....Celestial falls to her death as Drago reaches the part about the clown orgasm.

He zips up his pants and walks out to see what has happened.

End of treatment.

Cirque Treatment by Scorpion1184

Created: Mar 26, 2010


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