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By StevenJCady

On the night of September 23rd, 1967, Emily Ravenaw, student at the University of Southern California and all around nice young woman, was maliciously and brutally murdered twelve blocks from her dormitory. On September 25th, her body was discovered by two teenagers hiking while under the influence of marijuana. Emily Rosenaw had been stabbed sixteen times in various places, and the police concluded that she had been taken advantage of as well. There was no evidence whatsoever do identify her killer - no footprints, fingerprints, nothing. Nothing out of the ordinary in Southern California, except for a note wrapped in Saran wrap taped to Emily's forehead that read: "NO." Puzzled, police dismissed the case, stating that the lack of evidence made it impossible to solve


March 7th, 1977. Detective Anthony Belli comes across the file of Emily Rosenaw's murder while investigating the slaying of John Tumber. Five days later, on March 12th, he is dead. On March 13th, his body is found - beaten and bloodied beyond all recognition. His finger and toe tips were cut off, his teeth removed, every hair from his body plucked, and his eyes missing - simply so his eye color could not be noted. There was virtually nothing to identify the body, save for his driver's license which was discovered by the coroner in Detective Belli's stomach. The autopsy did not reveal how the license ended up in the detective's stomach. No indication whatsoever that the plastic card was fed to Belli, nor cut open and placed inside. All involved in the investigation were baffled.


At approximately 6 a.m., June 2nd, 1991, Edward Salvatori took his own life in Los Angeles. He met his demise on the sidewalk nineteen stories below his apartment. Police confirmed, though, that Edward was dead before he hit the ground. One week prior, on May 26th, he heard the story of Emily Ravenaw and Anthony Belli, which had now become a little legend in Los Angeles, from an acquaintance. The next week, he was spread across the pavement. Investigators on site found a single bullet imbedded in a fragment of Edward's skull. The same morning, the acquaintance was also found dead, floating in San Francisco Bay. Again, no evidence was found.

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Created: Mar 26, 2010


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