Growing Change + TOMS + ZAMBIA

By TexasNurse

What this project is:
-I want to create a short media clip (film, preferably, but could be presentation)
-Media clip (no longer than 4 minutes in length)
-In media clip include:
* different stories of feet (happy, sad, excited, hurting, painless, etc) --these stories can be short video clips, prose, drawings
* a soundtrack for these feet
* Zambia is the country I desire a shoe drop to occur in, so meshing together forms or maps of this country (trying to stay light-hearted but at the same time showing a need for shoes)
* Our feet move us... so, what moves you about your feet?


What I hope to achieve is in meeting again (in person or through email/phone) submitting this media clip made by to TOMS shoes to do one of the company's main missions... advocating for One for One, utilizing social media and its impact on changing OUR world, which changes the lives of the people who receive shoes. --and, making it happen in ZAMBIA

Growing Change + TOMS + ZAMBIA

Created: Mar 26, 2010


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