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Hi guys!

These are my recommendations for today Sunday February 12:


  1. City Autopsy by Kavonne: I love this remix made by Kavonne: This is beautiful and very creative, I love the colors and the resources that she used; I think this is very original and it could be useful as a logo for Wirrow’s City Autopsy collab!

  2. Drinking from the River that flows from the new sun – colored by rejjie: She made the original drawing and a lot of us made different versions with colors of this fantastic record, but she made this one and it’s just my favorite, I love the colors that she used, Great job on both records rejjie! :O)

  3. Happy Lunar New Year by plainwendyjane: I love this picture, especially the colors and the moment that was able to be caught by plainwendyjane’s camera; also I love this because this is my year, the year of the Dragon! ;)

  4. Have a drink (sojushots & Hey Julie Remix) by adhgraphicdesign: Amber have a great eye for fabulous remixes and this one is not the exception, I think that this is perfect!!!

  5. Idea by saintmaker: This is a simple picture but that’s what makes this fantastic, saintmaker have a lot of this kind of records about the word idea, but this one is my favorite, I think this is perfect for remixes or a tiny story!!

  6. Beach Autopsy (Vid) by InkedCanvas: What a lovely video my dear Inky!!! I love every single piece of this video, you walking on the beach, watching and recording everything, it’s just wonderful!!!!

  7. Two dollar Trinket – City Autopsy – Bushwick Brooklyn by marcellepallais: Another Beautiful video made by marcelle, I can’t tell you how much I love this, I think that the end is just priceless, if you didn’t see this video yet, Watch it, you are going to enjoy it a lot!

  8. Inside of a flute #3 (an eye) by Ppeppina: I think this shot is just wonderful, very creative, it’s really nice to see another perspective of an object that we don’t see regularly, awesome shot Ppeppina!!

  9. Love Drinking tea with you by mirtle: Well, what can I say about mirtle and her drawings, all of them are fantastic and this one is another example of her doing her magic, Lovely and beautiful my dear mirtle!

  10. Misery Loves whisky Poster by belcath1981: This is part of the Bad Advice collaboration made by Marke, belcath takes this contribution made by jordyn.myah and turn it into this fantastic poster, I love it because it looks like vintage or something like that!

  11. Of Leotard and Leopard by Bloemday: Bloemy is another Hitrecorder that have a great eye for the remixes, she always chose the perfect records to combine and this one is not the exception, I love it!!!

  12. Strawberry Bootlaces Wonderland by TotallyJamie: I think that TotallyJamie did a great job with Strawberry Bootlaces video, even when Marielv was featured at Sundance (because she did a wonderful job) these records made by Jamie about Strawberry B are just wonderful!!!

  13. What Goes up… by HelloCat: Another great example of how a text record made for Marke’s collab (tori’s contribution), turn into a fantastic visual remix, great job!!!!


Music Recommendations:

A modest Jelly Babies Score (V2) by megancarnes & In Irregular by Mic: I highly recommend both; I used them for my video because they were my favorites of this week!!!!


Other records that I used for my video:

-          Shadow Caste bumper by njtam

-          RE-REX by Fractaldust



Created: Feb 12, 2012


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