Kitty Dandelion Love

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I'm not sure if I did this right! See, I write a song and make a video everyday. Been doing that for a long time (this song is #1137). i'm always looking around for inspiration. 

So I hopped over here today and found this really cute, short animation (See resources)

...which I really liked! It jogged my imagination, so I kind of ran with it, making little cutouts of the cats and the dandelion, then "animating" (I use that word in the loosest of ways...) them into scenes...namely a bunch of picutres I found by hunting around on some more (see recources!)

Anyway, I hope everybody likes it! I had fun making it. Song-A-Day is kind of difficult to collaborate with becuase I do it so spur of the moment...there's not a lot of planning involved!

Hopefully there's some collaborating in my future, though...


two little kitties out looking for adventure

out all along the plotted plain

they climb a mountain and the cross a river

and huddle close when it starts to rain


well i'm a kitty and i'm not afraid to tell you

how i feel in my heart of hearts

it can rain for a thousand years but

i know our love will keep us warm


and then the sun comes out and it is glorious

the kitties find a seed mysterious 


the kitties raise a little kitty family

and all the while the seed does grow

into a giant dandelion and it smiles 

down on them as they look up below




Created: Feb 12, 2012

Tags: song kitties kitty love valentines adventures dandelions

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