Heads or Tails?

By HelloLindsayyyyyy

She had been flirting with George Washington for the past hour. She sat, staring at his silver imprinted face as he flipped and glinted in the air, until he came crashing down in to her right hand, and she slammed him over the top of her left.
Heads. She did this again. Heads. And again: Tails. And again: Heads. And again: Tails. And again: Heads. And again: Heads. And again: Tails.

Time after time she flipped him in the air, listening to his “swirr” sound; counting the odds in heads and tails. “50% chance,” she said, “No gray areas, the odds are, or they aren’t.”

She touched her index to her thumb and placed the silver circle on top. She looked at George for a moment, a deep wondering gaze she put on him, so intense that it could even make a quarter nervous, then thrust her finger upward; this time with much more velocity. He flew in to the air with such a force that she had to tilt her head upwards to see him, and in that moment of moments, he came crashing down with as much force as he went up with, and hit her in the forehead.

Her hand immediately went to her head, clutching the surprise of pain, and she slammed her eyes shut. The quarter bounced to the hard wood floor, and began spinning on its own; dancing with itself along the room. When her quick stint of ouch was over, she opened her eyes to the swirring sound just in time to see the quarter slow, then stop. On its side, George’s profile in her eyes direct path.
He did nothing but shine for a moment, then something happened that surely made her insane. Classically speaking, of course.
His silver imprint grew flexibility, and his mouth moved up and down to say:

“Counting your chances is making you miss the chance to have a chance.”

Her jaw fell open, and it wasn't until her wide eyes slipped shut that George Washington returned to his stable, imprinted career, hoping that she would stand on her two feet, and not follow suit.


Quickly written and inspired by Jules Alder calling me classically insane ;]
and this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4SVVKuOr0c

Heads or Tails?

Created: Mar 26, 2010


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