For the Joy.

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I don't care much what people think of my work performance at my day job. That isn't to say I'm okay with being sloppy (I arrange deliveries for a clothing company, so attention to detail is very important) but that I do not love my day job. I like it fine and it pays pretty well, but I'm a creator first and foremost.

But creating can be so fucking frustrating sometimes.

I'm doing rewrites for the last chapter of my novella and it is kicking my backside. Nothing works, and I just want to go crawling into a corner and scream 'I GIVE UP.' I won't do that, because I care about my work. And the neighbours might complain about the noise.

With photography the frustrations are endless: photos not turning out as good as I thought they would or even worse, photos that are just plain boring. There really is nothing worse than standing outside for over an hour in the freezing cold only to find out only two of the 100+ shots you nabbed are even half-way decent.

The point is - assuming I have one - is that creating is hard. I often see people dismiss artists on the assumption that what they do isn't real work. They are wrong. So wrong that I find it rather sad, actually.

So if it so taxing, why do I do it all? 'Cause I fucking enjoy it, that's why. Sure, I might take lots of pictures that are crap, but I am happy doing it anyway. I might struggle to finish writing a story (to date it will be the longest piece I have ever finished. If I finish it, that is!) or a script or a poem, but when I'm actually scribbling away in a notebook, I'm joyful because I'm creating something.

Created: Feb 11, 2012


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