Rappin' @ HitRECord

By HarperHippie

Haven't recorded in awhile, so we decided to do a little rap for HitRECord:

At Hit RECord
Everybody’s on board
Recordin’ is free, somethin’ we can all afford
Most definitely
As you can see
We all come together hittin’ hearts and harmony
At Hit RECord
You never get bored
Recordin' and remixin' is the reward
We HitRECord, collaborate and then we celebrate
Never known to be a place that’s full of hate
At Hit RECord
We share with each other
Just like a family. Brother or mother
HitRECord started nearly five years ago
Thanks to RegularJoe, we can watch each other grow
Into musicians, writers, or whoever’s on the list.
Cuz without these people, Hit RECord wouldn’t exist.
At HitRECord

(By: Sharena aka HarperHippie and Cora aka HarperHippie's Mom)

Rappin' @ HitRECord

Created: Mar 25, 2010


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