By Damsel

I love all of the I love records, and I wanted to contribute, but y'all got to the point before I did :P So instead, I went through all the records, found what I loved in them, and put together this. I intended to add my own extra missing bits of love as well, but I think most of everything that I love is already mentioned so I only added like three things I think!

Hope I referenced everyone.... Inked! I don't know why but it wouldn't let me add your list as a resource..... *sad face* So I added YOU instead :P


I love snuggling under my covers before eventually waking up. I love that breath a singer takes in between stanzas. I love the smell of an old

book. I love when a book matches its cover.

I love handmade gifts. I love receiving packages in the mail from people in other countries.

I love dressing up in costumes and altering my physical image to become something else.

I love catching up with best friends when it doesn't matter that you haven't seen each other for 5 months. I love my friends and my family. I

won't deny that I also sometimes really love being left alone. I love to sometimes sing and dance myself silly whenever I'm alone in my room.

I love to watch movies alone. I love being the only one in a movie theater.

I love fairy lights. I also love starlight. I love to stare at the moon. I love the clouds moving. I love to hug trees. I love old and dead

trees. I love the smell of freshly cut grass, and cedar.

I love the rain. I love to play in the rain. I love the smell of rain. I love the sound of rain on a tin roof or on a body of water. I love

that it rains when I need it most, and that no one really understands my love of grey skies. I love the way the wet asphalt reflects the sky

and every stoplight in sight.

I love honesty. I love truth. I love being true.

I love beauty, and I find it everywhere, even places where most others wouldn't find anything. I love to laugh, also, at many, many things

even though this quality can make other people nervous.

I love to write. I love to perform. I love words. I love the way words taste in my mouth. I love the taste of chocolate.

I love raw expression and open creativity. I love when others share what they create and allow, if only for a moment or two, a glimpse into

their hearts.

I love hitting record. I Love to hitRECord. I love and this community. I love hitRECord 'cause it's filled with amazing art and

the awesomest people. I love the way being a part of hitRECord makes me feel. I love passion. I love creativity. I love hearts.

…and I love hitRECord.

When I love, I love long and I love you. All of you. And what you do.


Created: Mar 25, 2010


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