City of Lights

By LizRECords

In the distance, out of the vast darkness shone the wondrous city of lights. Tiny round yellow and white lights floating together in the shapes of various buildings. It was like magic, each building built of twinkling luminous little lights. I think that no ordinary car, truck, bus, train, or plane could get there because to travel to the magical floating city of lights is to travel to space and the lights are stars. Stars hanging in constellations of buildings so tall they stretch into the heavens. Who lives in the city of lights? It must be a higher form of being that has figured out how to string up lights with gravity and form structures out of nothing but bright energy. They can’t be people as we know them, there is no way that you or I could ever build such a city. I want to build a vehicle to get there, I feel a strange need to go to the city of lights. It is as if it pulls me from the inside. The gravity holding the lights together has tied a string through my ribcage and is reeling me closer and closer every minute of every day. It is all I think about. The city of lights is flooding my thoughts, slowly taking over my mind. I think I must build a train with a massive velocity. There is no other way. I must go.

City of Lights

Created: Mar 25, 2010


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