city autopsy_Paris_2012-02-08

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Hi there, here's my little contribution for city autopsy. Just took a picture of what was inside my purse today and what I found on my way back from work (shoes, old note book and candy box) In Paris (treasures are everwhere here !) I also wanted to say that, as an architect living here in Paris, this topic has really caugh my attention, and i'm workinf on somehing else to add, but I wonder if it's not too much, or not really in the theme... :See, for me, Paris is first of all a lot of stupid rules which can reduce your creativity if (like myself) you're working there as an architect (or should i say trying to work), and so, building the city from the inside. But beside the fact that it's work, Paris is also one song and above all my friends. So I asked them what was Paris for them and i'm working on a short montage of everything they've told/gave me. Do you think I shall put it there aswell ? I'm also thinking about taking the same pisture day after day emptying my purse just like i did on that picture and see what changes everyday... Lot to do ! so i'll see you soon, and re-post even sooner ! Anyway, great idea, looking forward to participate more if I can !

Created: Feb 08, 2012


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