For my secret valentine; moonbug

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An illustration for moonbug, my secret valentine. Looking through moonbug's RECords I stumbled upon the sTiTchToWn glossary and fell in love with the description for the moonbug. Here is my impression of these moongazing creatures.


MOONBUG - n. a strange spiny glowing insect, so named because the glow of the creatures is tied to the phases of the moon -- but instead of following its waxing and wanning, the less bright the moon, the stronger the moonbugs glow, so the people of sTiTchTown never lose their way even on the darkest of nights.

These nocturnal winged insects are commonly sighted in certain areas of the Metaforest. Moonbugs appear to glow faintly in the dark and are often mistaken to be a relative of the lampyridae (commonly known as fireflies). However, it is to be noted that unlike fireflies, moonbugs do not in fact produce their own light. Instead, a thin reflective layer coats their wings and skin - a defence mechanism used to cause momentary blindness when approached by potential predators, allowing the moonbug those precious few seconds critical for escape; it is this highly reflective layer that causes the moonbug to appear to glow in the dark.

In addition to their appearance, the name is also a resultant of the moonbug's penchant for "moongazing" - when not flying, moonbugs rest with their faces turned towards the moon. Entomologists have not yet uncovered an explanation for this perculiar behaviour.

Moonbugs hibernate during winter under the barks of scarletoaks and emerge during spring, typically within a week after the blooming of the flowers of the Nevernotwuz tree. Moonbug viewing during springtime is a popular activity among couples as well as tourists who stop by the town for the annual Bloemday festival.




Created: Feb 07, 2012


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