thank you. gracias. maraming salamat

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Is terrifying to me as to how this collab speaks to me so loudly, seeing as I have only just started using hitRECOrd. Maybe i'm simple minded or maybe because in this beehive of thoughts that we, for arguments sake call a brain, has led me to a conclusion that we shall call a conspiracy theory. Or maybe my mind is just too convoluted? too convoluted? bit of an overkill now isn't it? but i digress from my so called "conspiracy theory" with very little evidence.

How is it that one the first night that I go exploring my hitRECOrd-iality (now I'm making up words) that I come across the collab which invites me to attempt to imprint my thoughts onto the world wide web? Was it fate that I clicked onto this post? Or was it inevitable after years of consuming water laced with fluoride? yea check that theory out. Whatever the mechanics that led me to this ultimately I am grateful as someone has permitted me to ramble on for as long as I can, hopefully it's a decision you don't end up regretting.

although the true nature of this contribution, is not to simply throw at you half constructed thoughts that are already melting like ice cream thats left on the asphalt on a summer day, I do really have a point to this. and here it is.

I would once again like to thank you in the 3 ways I know how to say thank you (english, spanish and tagalog) for letting me express the one thought that came into my head the moment I read your post. And here it is for real

Seeing as advances in technology have connected nearly every corner of the globe (what corners? the world's a sphere) this collab really should be eternal because surely someone somewhere will be sitting in bed, or in their study or on the floor, bored out of their damn minds as to what to do until they come across this?

thank you and good night, well from Sydney, Australia anyway where its 2.53am 8.2.12

Created: Feb 07, 2012


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