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this is the infinite yes, my love
the time has come at last
and what are you going to do?
dance with angels until the morning light
comes and shines on their faces
and reveals them to be humans
brave, lost, confused
and leaning on you to tell them who to be?

what was it you wanted from me?
to teach you how to swim and
shake the butterflies out of your stomach
with my kiss? I didn’t know
how to help you so I sat on the
edge of your bed and listened to your
sad, sad stories until the morning came.

what did you expect to find when you
took off for California, driving with the
radio off and talking to yourself in
slow phrases about the breakdown of
your favorite artist? the wind won’t tell you
which way to blow and the horizon doesn’t
hold any answers, no matter which way you’re
facing. but I wouldn’t have the heart to tell you.

some truths are better left unspoken.

Created: Mar 24, 2010


amysz Document Media