The heavy heart tarnished the glitter in his eyes

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His clothes didnt fit right 
but that didnt matter 
he had shoes that protected him 
as he travelled the globe 

This vagabond of a pirate 
hat jauntily sitting on his head 
blocking his vision slightly in one eye 

He had been through the fights 
the sickness 
the delusions 
for the the elusive prize 
no it wasn’t the hand of the governors daughter 
that was much too clean for his soul 

He was after what everyone spoke about 
but no one had ever seen 
let alone touched 

On a secret paradise in the middle of the sea, 
that he should have come across years ago 
but the island was protected by a curse 

By chance he had broken into the island 
stumbling through the thickets 
sand slowing his progress 
as it crept into his boots and between his toes 

he looked at the x on the map 
the mark where the treasure was kept                                                            although he should have taken this as a warning                                            and not an invitation to uncover what was buried 

but he had come this far 
and he had nothing to lose already so why not? 

he dug until he his shovel hit the chest 
then he hauled it from the hole 
and as his crowbar pried open the lid 
it was abruptly slammed down by the foot of a woman 

women must they complicate everything? 

she spoke in a voice 
that was almost lost in the crash of the waves 
and sounded like the whisper of the wind through the palm trees 

she told the pirate what was within the chest
a necklace 
a purse full of coins 
and a crown encased in a glass box 
or an ornate japanese artefact 
and he could only choose one 

the others would crumble away the moment his hands touched one 

he has a choice to make 
which did he choose?

Created: Feb 07, 2012


kennykhronicles Document Media