Me and My Friends

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Ice cream sundaes, hittin’ on honeys, riding with the top down, wearing ‘Burger King’ crowns, shooting up ‘Big Boss’, listen to ‘Criss Cross’, learning chopsticks, karate kicks, riding on a jet ski, reading ‘bout Socrates, got the money pay the rent, knock knock jokes I don’t get… 

Lice check Mondays, driving a ‘Hyundai’, shopping at the lost and found, ‘London bridge is falling down’, putting on lip gloss, climbing trees with moss, burning scent sticks, catch guitar picks, drinking sweet green tea, hanging out in movies, sheets and blankets make a tent, creepy boys take a hint… 

Hanging with my best friends, sticking it to the man! 

Me and my friends we all got together, took the things we like and put it in a letter, took the letter and turned it into a song, but the tune wasn’t right and the list was too long, ‘cause we may disagree on this or the other, but you are my sister, and you are my brother, of all the things we like, one thing’s true, I like you! I like you!

Created: Feb 07, 2012


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