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Ok, so when I said it wouldn't take me that long to write up the scarf pattern... I underestimated a lot of things, including how much work charting patterns is. Sorry! But I did it, and here it is! My first properly charted pattern! And I would love, love, love to see you RECord any scarves you knit from it!




It's charted in three charts (increase, body and decrease) and a legend, which I've combined into two image RECords for ease of printing. The second one can be found here: http://beta.hitrecord.org/records/663223 or in the results tab.


This pattern is modular, so you can knit as many repeats as you would like, and you can also make it as many circles wide as you like – just keep repeating rows 27-38 and adding the 12 additional stitches in each row of the repeat section of the increase chart each time you do that, until you are satisfied with the width. Then you can move on to the body chart (where you also repeat the repeat section as many times as needed, ie once more for each circle added to the width). The decrease chart is a little more complicated to explain – knit rows i-vi (repeating the repeat section as many times as required) and then go back to the body chart and knit rows 45-50 (using as many repeats of the repeat chart as required) and then return to the decrease chart and repeat. Each time you will do one less repeat section until you have two circles left and then you can continue on to row vii-xxxi of the decrease chart.


You can use whatever yarn strikes your fancy – anywhere from super bulky to lace weight, just make sure to use the needles your yarn suggests (with smaller needles giving you a denser, less open fabric). I used 200 grams of an aran weight on size 8 needles for the one I knit. The size of your scarf and the size of the circles will, of course, be dependent on what yarn weight and needle size you choose.


You begin by casting on three stitches, and then work the scarf on the diagonal, starting at one corner and ending at the opposite, much like a parallelogram. Start with chart 1, continue to chart 2 and finish with chart 3. Then break the yarn and pass it through the last stitch, pulling tight. Weave in the ends, then give the scarf a good blocking. I embroidered the download and add button on mine afterwards with a small amount of white yarn, using chain stitching and then filling in the holes.


I think that's all you'd need for instructions, but if you have any questions/problems, do let me know and I'll do my best to help. There are lots of great instructional videos and tutorials on the web for knitting that would be a good place to go to as well. And if you find any mistakes, let me know so I can fix them!

Created: Feb 06, 2012


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