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akin to walking on bones, sinister sister flex robots

see you with a plastic and he said i forgot to tell you

mask a partner's barn tallow evasion

how to read a calculator on a plane with a telescope


yolk fell through the grid, evaporates demeanor

seek a vhs transcontinental flavor whip tight

irk the passersby robe helipad


yellow parts and cheese pizza means hubris

sabers and brushes and cans of mink salve


hula dorothy



here's a blank casket key with all the flavor sucked out

robes and brushes of a bone help mask pants

calculate machaca

please remember the trans am, america


we will never forget your peepholes

a holistic beheading

gelactic poisoning of the mandibular gaskets


palectomy ensues

letterhead stapled my bolt ink prize


happy monroe belt plates



somes you got to get the flank steak

from the prizefighter's mirror eightball

daughters of the emaciated torero

all of them get the fingers


ladies on the sidewalk eat a bunch of ice cream pizza

drunk on the esposito de regale again

help me find my cement mixer


i seem to have left it at your sister's again

but she hasn't called yet


written in the first three minutes after my alarm was screaming



that last line in the last one was a lie

but since this will be published on a jetliner

with no windows and no toilets

does it really matter if i can't find all the keys?


where do i put all the proper ones? the lively ones?

help for the underprivileged rich kids

let's all give them drugs


lets let you let us let the world let everyone see

that you don't really need an apostrophe


to have true ennui

Created: Feb 06, 2012


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