Here's to you

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Hey sorry but I really couldn't make it today

Had some other plans but I'm there in spirit, believe me

So here's to you and your new life, I hope you're happy now

Just don't come running back crying cos you say you need me. Yeah...



Celebrate now, raise a glass this one's for you

The DJ's playing our song let's sing along like we used to

She don't know how good I can make you feel

You'll never find anybody else who can love you like I do


Everybody's having fun yeah there having a good time

Don't you worry about me I'm with my girls and we're just fine

So here's to you and your new start, I hope it all works out

I'm thinking of you, no it's true would I ever lie to you? No...




I heard that night was wonderful you had a ball

Did everybody get back home OK when it ended?

What about you, did you think of my broken heart at all?

I know you're feeling guilty but there's no point trying to mend it. Just forget it...




Love you like I do

Love you like I do

Here's to you.


Created: Feb 05, 2012

Tags: ex, love, club, hurt, drunk, electro, trance, electronica, dance, wedding

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