A man named Jim (Song)

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I met a man named jim
His eyes carried his soul
And everytime that jim would sing
Our hearts would sink so low

Jim was fun to be around
But, he liked to drink alot
When the bartender called last round
Jim took another shot

The golden days of hangin out
Came to shallow down
WHen jim met a girl who caught his eye
From the other side of town

Hey little mama I followed you
Way down from the beach
When she asked why
Jim winked his eye, and gave a romantic speach

You're the one i'm lookin for
You have what I need
Before she said another word
Jim, so absurd, would steal a kiss and leave

Into the desert  he went oneday
And he brought back some slack
When we asked Jim where he had been
He said let me take you back

We followed Jim to the desert
And we all chanted out a  tune
Jim's words grew strong
As the day grew long
And we packed before the moon

Ol Jimbo sure did like his beer 
And he liked his whisky too
When the challenge arose 
Jim turned up his nose
And drank em to timbuc two

Now in the mind of an average joe
Jim would not be sane
But, through the bloodshot eyes 
Of a loving fan
His success came through his brain

The fortune and the fame of gool ol Jim
Got to be too much 
When Jim met some people
That could ruin him
He started growing out of touch

His brain, it started to erode
And Jim just went berserk
When Ray told Jimbo to get sane
He turned into a jerk

Now Jim had showed the whole wide world
What he was all about
He'd stand on cars
Near topless bars
"I'm the lizard king!!"
He'd shout

Oneday the fame became too much
So Jimbo up and moved
From love street to paris with his lovely lady
But, Jimbos sickness grew

Now we all heard the stories
Of how Jim was getting sick
But, we all said Jim won't be dead
Cause that ol' boy was slick

Well, It'd only been a few months later
Death reared it's ugly head
And inside we died while the whole world cried
WHen we heard Jim was dead

After that I got attacked 
By the news and telecast
They asked for my opinion
But the stories weren't givin
About what was now ol Jimbo's past

When I wouldn't say a word
The silence got absurd
And I just kinda walked away 
Thinkin to my self how Jimbo made a choice
But, he was the real McCoy

Now every year on December eighth
I go and visit Jim
We laugh and we talk about the good old days
But, I'm just talkin to Jimbos grave

Created: Feb 05, 2012


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