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A simple idea for Re: independence

A short animation with only music and sounds but no actual dialog.

The plot:

Inside a zoo, all the different animals are prisoners in their cages, looking bored, depress, sad. A little mouse is the only animal able to visit the other animals in their cages. He comes and goes speeding news between the animals, he is the messenger. They start to realized one by one that they all think the same, that they all want to be free, that they are not alone. Finally they create a plan, using each's unique quality: the elephant could use its strength to bring down the cages (he might realize that what is holding him prisoner is a simple nail stuck on the ground and that he is strong enough to brake the chain attached to it, the giraffe with the long neck could to the surveillance, etc it all becomes a team work. At the end, the closing scene should be all the animals (maybe you could see silhouettes) staring at fireworks from 4th of July.



Created: Feb 04, 2012


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