By mangoose

So this isn't a RECORD so much as a question! (ok it's a lot of questions...)

Let's say I have the need for a graphic designer to help me make a poster for an event that isn't necessarily affiliated with hitrecord.org...could I commission the talented people here to do it? Or let's say I have a music video i need done...same question?

Do all monetized productions negotiated here have to be sanctioned by the higher ups (ie Joe)?

Can we expand hitrecord's influence even when the higher ups are busy doing other things? Like...could I put together an art/music event, say PRESENTED BY HITRECORD.ORG and just pimp the hell out of this website and what it stands for?

Or is the purpose of this to try and keep hitrecord.org a fairly manageable size? like maybe Joe doesn't want thousands of people signing up and uploading photos of penises? (does that already happen?)



Created: Mar 23, 2010


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