THE REGULARITY #58 (02/03/12)

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The Regularity is here! And I wanna give a huge bravo and congratulations to all of us for a successful Sundance 2012! We did it and they loved it. But most importantly, I am very proud of all the records that we made, they are all wonderful they make a great evening of short movies. 

Now, as we always do, let's start remixing all the live records from the show! And let's keep the ball rolling on our RE: INDEPENDENCE collab.  Use the discussions from the show and combine it with other work in the collab and let's keep making art regarding independence. 

I also want to spotlight a couple new Collaborations.  

JELLY BABIES is a great fucking idea guys! Composers, hop on board and write some music to Day Glo's incredible VO of Metaphorest's text.  Illustrators, keep up the good work so animators can come along and start making a short film with your characters.  And Screenwriters, let's begin adapting Metaphorest's text into a screenplay. 

CITY AUTOPSY - check wirrow's new collab! Walk around your city and find treasure, as he says, it's open to interpretation! 

And finally, it's a new year and I feel that this is the first time in a while where we have the breathing room to focus on improving our company.  We have grown, in fact, we have out grown what we use to be and I am making plan for HITRECORD to accommodate that growth. 

If 2011 was as killer as it was, just imagine what 2012 has in store for us. 

Thank you all for being a part of it. 

Thanks again.







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Created: Feb 03, 2012


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