The Modern Man

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The modern man enters this world invisible,

refused to be seen as an individual

He goes through his life rather pitiful

Under the impression that

Being more than a number

is something rather fictional


Is he part of the 9 percent that don't have a job?

Or does he not fit that label?

Is he part of the 1 percent?

Or is his job unstable?

He is invisible, simply a number, divisible

Put spread eagle on a pencil-pusher's

spread sheets

He's treated as disposable

even though his heart beats


He's analyzed, Americanized

stripped raw and clean

the blue-collar, the hardhat

now wait in the unemployment line

somberly making small chat

two victims of the greed machine


The Modern Man has little in his pocket

he has seen his earnings plummet

while the salaries of others skyrocket

he lives in a world of dishonestly and fear

Not entirely sure if the end

really is near


Yet, he wakes up every morning, day after day

week after week

knowing that his fortune won't soon peak

knowing that the bills will still rise

knowing these things, he silently cries

but carries on, looking upward

hoping for clear skies

Created: Feb 03, 2012


WolfgangMowrey Document Media