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Have you ever had to unscrew a screw from a wooden post? Did you use a drill? Its motored power enables you to easily and quickly get that screw out. In the flash of a second, you’d have tiny wooden curls scattered along the perimeter of the hole and a warm screw at the bit end of your drill. Or maybe you used a screw driver? A screw driver gets the job done, though considerably slower and it requires a little effort on your part. How would you do it if you were drill-less and screw driver-less? Maybe you would use the tip of a butter knife? A butter knife is not the ideal tool for this task; it takes a lot longer than a screw driver, and you – as the operator – must keep a steadier hand if you want to keep that curved tip in the line of the screw head whilst slowly turning the damn screw, otherwise the butter knife will slip right out forcing you to re-focus and start again.

Have you wondered how the wood felt about your unscrewing of the screw? The wood might be relieved to have such a horrible screw removed. Or maybe the wooden post thought it was a good screw. Maybe it has come to accept and love the screw, which would mean that the gapping hole is a sad reminder of a love that was forcibly taken away.

Either way, it got screwed.

Created: Mar 23, 2010


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