Take 3!

By rachelb

I've sent 2 readings, one with my changes in the script, and one with your original script. I didn't worry about time, so they're both a few seconds longer than the video.
I do get a bit of feedback from my computer from time to time when the fan turns on :( you may have noticed...

Here's the script with my changes:
So many of us go about our lives, consumed by the constant hustle and bustle of urban life, oblivious to the natural world around us.
There is such awesome beauty in this world, right under our very noses. In teh sky above us... in the blooming of the flowers...
Everyday of our lives, nature is putting on a magnificent, free show, just for us. A show guaranteed to take your breath away.
All you have to remember, every so often, is to slow down and take a look at the natural beauty that surrounds you. To appreciate it, and give thanks for it. Every day.

Lemme know what you think! I'm not happy till you are!! ;)

Take 3!

Created: Mar 23, 2010


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