Some old lyrics from an old band long since dead.

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"Human all to human" By Brendon HIcks, band: Raised by wolves.


I know, this is, just our religion

First of, the Fallen.

Lone Vanguard,

this sentry falls into swarm

It's when she speaks all over again, she's got cancer all over her body

Apple falling far from the tree/ this zealous approach

Strip away, all the excess man-made soul/ and you've got yourself a macabre figure
a livid dance with death

Strike true, from early man to modern era

It's all so human

All too Human

Primate took to
android designation
Lifting the wires so the tongue may speak

Callous Proclamation

It's all so human

All too human

Strike True, from early man to modern era

Callous Proclamation

Created: Jan 31, 2012


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