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It is so easy to feel meaningless

face in the crowd lost

tumbling out of control

caught in the undertow

a speck of dust

amidst the vast universe.

Powerless and helpless, 

destined to 

give in give up

to forces beyond

comprehensive control.

“What are you doing?”

“Oh, sitting waiting

right here for 

terrible things 

to happen.”

Truly simple easy

it is to be blind deaf

to the strokes of good luck

(or is it luck?)

the straight flush

(or is it luck?)

the meteor missing

(or is it luck?)

the slamming of brakes

(or is it luck?)

close calls

(or is it luck?)

just in time

(is it?).

Simple easy

to forget the friend who 

won’t let you down

the A-plus 

on the heart of Darkness test

the conversation that changed


that painting that made you proud

and the tree that looks like

a tree

dancing with papa

communion wine

the peace of

being alone in the woods

and the stars at night

on the beach

with you whispering

softly slightly

you’re I’m we’re

not alone.

There is 

Happiness love beauty 

that refuses to be squelched 

from this ignorant

a   p  a  t   h   e    t    i    c

hateful world. 

The lantern in the

pitch Black illuminates

the friend with honest eyes

gazing over the cup of tea

the warmth of a hand on yours

the sound of three words

the comfort of arms around you

telling you it’s going to be alright

it’s going to be alright

it’s going 

to be


It is you me us we

who have the power

to spread the light


smother it.

Created: Jan 31, 2012

Tags: original poetry

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