From the Sky

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Have you ever sat, below
a willow tree, under the 
stars, and wondered.
Wondered where the stars come 
from, why fairy lights
drift across the sky in little
Why the leaves of oak trees spiral 
down, until they settle gently upon the ground, resting
Have you wondered why the birds and the
bees whistle and hum along
their merry way as they fly along
I can tell you why
It is because they are 
from the sky
The sky is their kingdom, their azure castle
with butter yellow beams
And as the golden jewel sets,
the sky is alight with tiny diamonds, shining
brightly in the midnight sky
The stars, the fairy 
lights, oak leaves, birds and bees
They all are the way they are
because they are from
the sky

Created: Jan 31, 2012


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